Making Math Fun with the #ZapZapMath App


Math can get stressful for kids. Adults, too! Numbers, numbers, numbers. Always doing different things. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing….  it’s no wonder kids get overwhelmed. Math is very fascinating once you get the hang of it. It helps you figure out so many other things in life, like puzzles and games. It’s obviously an important skill to practice, but what about when the kids just aren’t getting it? Or when they get so overwhelmed with all the school work that it inhibits their learning or ability to retain information? Keeping school fun is an excellent way to keep the kids excited about learning. Turning the subjects they struggle with into games is one of the best ways to keep things fun for them. 


One easy way to help kids enjoy math and make math more fun for kids. Turning math practice into game time gets children excited to learn more.


I’m super excited to be chosen as a brand ambassador for the new app “Zap Zap Math”. It’s a wonderful game focused on making math fun for elementary students. The app is clean, organized, and outer space themed. I haven’t yet met a child who doesn’t like space related fun (even if only a little).

From the main universe in the app, your child can explore different galaxies based on the skills they need to practice. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, measurements, fractions, angles, ratio, expressions, coordinates, time, and a pre-school galaxy. Within each section the kids will find progressive games to play that reinforce what they are learning. There is no pressure on them as they play these games. It really is just fun game play, while practicing what they are working on in school.


On their website,, you can sign up to find a parent portal that allows you to track your child’s progress as they play. You have the option to track multiple children, across multiple devices. The parent dashboard, like the app, is very well organized and easy to follow.


With the excitement of new games being added all the time, both the kids and I are excited to welcome this fun learning aid into our school work routine. It’s a fabulous (AD FREE) way to keep the kids entertained on the go, as well! Available in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and on Kindle. This app is FREE!!


Also, be sure to check out the Zap Zap Math Blog for regular updates about how technology and education apply to the children of today, with a lot of tips on how to help your children get ahead in school.

This app has been updated since this post was published. Read about the changes here.


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