Fun Math App for Elementary Age Kids


While I write mainly about natural health, eco-friendly living, and all things green, I like to put a special focus on technology as well. Technology is green in it’s own way. When using our phones, tablets, and computers for educational purposes, we are saving materials by not using paper filled books. This is the same reason Monday Storytime features are typically found in the Kindle store (or at the library). Basically, education is an essential part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to create waste. Unless you are living a completely off the grid, as close as modernly possible to a nature based lifestyle, chances are you have technology all around your home. If you have children, learning is what their lives are all about. Lucky for you, these two things go very well together. You can always offset your carbon footprint to make up for having the devices that use electricity around. 


One easy way to help kids enjoy math and make math more fun for kids. Turning math practice into game time gets children excited to learn more. This app allows you to track the progress of each of your children so you can focus on what they need more help with.


A few months ago, I did a review of a FREE math skills app called Zap Zap Math. Recently, the app has been updated to include a far more structured layout and more interactive features that parents will enjoy. The app was beneficial for basic math practice before, but now I feel far more likely to turn it on for the kids to play with when they need a little downtime. Or, let’s be honest, when I need a little down time. This app helps reinforce grade appropriate math skills in a low pressure way that truly feels more like a game than learning. Here are some of the changes made to the fast growing app.


  • Theme: While the overall theme of the app has remained the same, there is now more to the look of it. A space theme guides young ones and their cute alien characters through each math skill, organized by grade.
  • Organization: It’s very easy now to find the grade you are looking for and from there select the skills you’d like to practice. All grade levels are accessible to the students, so they can move on whenever they feel ready.
  • Tutorial: I found the tutorial to be simple, yet informative and thorough.
  • Multi Player: One of the most important features they added to this version of the Zap Zap Math app is the ability to register multiple players to your account/device. Prior to this update I had to keep track of which of my children had their game set up on my phone and which had their account set up on my Kindle. I only have two kids, so this really would have been a problem for a family with more children. Now, you can set up to 5 children on each device. Each gets their own avatar and name. Also, each gets their own code that connects to the parent dashboard for tracking.
  • Parent Dashboard: Speaking of tracking, the parent dashboard wasn’t working very well for me before the update. Since the update, everything is working well and I can successfully track the progress of both my children from my computer when I visit the Zap Zap Math parent dashboard. I see their name, avatar, and recent scores. Very helpful for learning what they need more practice in.
  • Language Options: Right on the home screen of the app, there are three language options. English, Spanish, and Malay.
  • Music: The music isn’t annoying, but there isn’t a way to lower it in the app. You have to lower the volume on your device.


It’s still a fabulous (AD FREE) way to keep the kids entertained on the go! Available in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and on Kindle. This app is still FREE!!


Disclosure: All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Read full disclosure policy here.

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