Why I Let My 3 Year Old Son Pierce His Ears


Our gentle 3 and a half year old son is very much like me. He has a unique and creative way of doing things, of dressing, and of thinking. I am determined to boost those abilities rather than suppress them. Things are going well with that plan and I’m certainly not going to start controlling these natural ways of his just because others find them “different”, “embarrassing”, or “girly”. Yesterday, he got both of his ears pierced…. with Hello Kitty earrings.

Why I let my 3 year old son get his ears pierced OrganicParenthoodBlog.com

He has been asking me to get his ears pierced for a while now. A few months have gone by and the desire only grew when one of his close friends got hers done. He does understand that so far, he has only seen girls with earrings, but that didn’t stop him from wanting these cool things put into his ears. Am I concerned about him wanting his ears pierced, and with Hello Kitty earrings? Not at all. They are just earrings. And honestly, what 3 year old isn’t going to like a cute cartoon cat? (Not to mention a 3 year old who owns a white cat himself) I want to break through the segregation of what the rest of society thinks is right and wrong for girls and boys. What matters is that I raise peaceful, respectful, confident, and loving children. What they do with their lives and bodies (if not harmful) should not matter to or affect anyone else.

The day before yesterday, he had been talking about getting his ears pierced again. He woke up yesterday and announced, yet again, that he wanted his ears pierced. He wanted to wear some happy face earrings he saw at the store. I decided to take him to the mall to allow him this choice.

He found a 9 pack of happy face earrings in all different colors and got up in the chair to get pierced. Then he asked if it would hurt, so the honest girl told him it would be a quick pinch. He didn’t like the sound of that and chickened out. No problem, he got down, she put the supplies away and went back to work. Then I told him he had to put his earrings back and he got really upset. He really wanted to wear those happy face earrings so he changed his mind once again. He wanted them done and he wanted to sit on my lap while he got them done. Feeling an extra boost of security along with a touch of anxiety, he bravely sat still and got both ears done. The first thing he said was, “I want to go show all my friends”.

All the friends and family members we have seen since, he has excitedly run up to and said, “Look! I got my ears pierced!” He is also learning about the responsibility of cleaning his ears regularly.

Why did I let him do it? It’s his body. I didn’t make him get his ears pierced,. He chose to do it. He chose the earrings to do it with. He is happy, I am happy. The best part is, I know that from allowing him to make his own choices, he gains confidence. That is my goal. To raise peaceful, respectful, confident, and loving children. I value him for exactly who he is.


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