We’re Fine Without a Car. Everyone Else Isn’t.


It’s been 4 months since our family made the decision to live a year without a car. So far, it’s been great! While my Husband gets the healthy cardio he needs by riding his bike to work, the kids and I have spent a lot of time exploring the local bus systems and getting to know services like Uber. As I mentioned in previous posts, we do rent a car when we have to go a long distance. We committed to 12 months, and we are one third of the the way there. The only problem we have run into so far… is that everyone else has a hard time with the fact that we don’t have a car.

One family takes on the adventure of living without a car for a year.

I assume that many of the worried feeling others have expressed to us stem from their own feelings about living without a car. I can understand a certain level of concern, since we have children, but we never travel to risky places and are always home before dark. The shock most people demonstrated when we made our announcement, prior to going without a car, I feel, explained that most people are horrified by the idea of not having the freedom to come and go as they please. They tend to go out of their way trying to accommodate us.

We were pretty clear about why we were making this decision. There are a few reasons, actually, such as being more eco-friendly, proving it isn’t that hard in LA, saving money and car related headaches, and having an experience that teaches us all a few valuable things, like the fact that a car is a luxury! Somehow, I can’t help but feel that others are feeling sorry for us, like we didn’t have a choice in the matter and now we are left stranded and alone in the world. I try to explain to them the wonderful things we are gaining from this experience, but I often feel they don’t want to believe it.

It’s very generous for people to want to give us rides. I just find myself stuck in awkward situations, where I’m not sure if it’s more rude to reject the ride or more pointless for our experiment to take it. I know people mean well, but we went into this ready to fully handle life without a car, and I just don’t want to offend anyone who wants to go out of their way to give us a ride. We knew what we were doing, and we will handle our own.

Sometimes the rides are very much appreciated. Long distances, rain, heat, and general car pooling become some of the best times to take rides. At those times, we’re still car sharing, and that’s part of the plan too. Less cars on the road. Which is why I love Relay Rides and Uber.

Maybe when we hit the next 3rd everyone else will have settled into our way of life. In the meantime, we are still trying our best to explore the city without a car, and avoid rides, without trying to be rude.

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