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Sometimes you are stuck at home and don’t have the chance to get out to buy your groceries. Sometimes you have the time, but not the transportation. Other times you may jut be so busy you aren’t sure how you’re going to fit the market trip into your daily to do list. Thankfully, there are options for you, so you can still eat. Vons home grocery delivery is one of these options.


There are some awesome reasons to use home grocery delivery and there are some not so awesome ones. Whether you are just too busy to get out, you don't have a car, or you can't leave the house for a while, Vons home grocery delivery can help you out. Here are a few things to think about.


My first time using the Vons grocery delivery service was after I had my daughter. With a new baby and a toddler, getting to the market was quite a challenge. Currently, our reason for using this service is due to not having a car for a year. One of the biggest tasks we’ve encountered during #LALifeWithoutACar, has been the task of grocery shopping, because if we buy a lot we cannot carry it all home on the bus. Uber is an option, but it costs more. We also have a Vons a couple blocks away, but we still face the challenge of getting all our groceries home when I do week long, menu planned, coupon filled trips.

If you do complete your week long menu planning list and shop for all your groceries online, you will be rewarded with free shipping once you reach a certain threshold. Usually, this is over $100. Vons also has daily offers available to encourage you to buy certain products that earn you free shipping. Check in each week because they may be offering free shipping on products you are going to buy anyway. With code: EASY7 at checkout, your first trip will have free shipping regardless of amount spent.



  • you can request one hour delivery windows so you aren’t waiting around all day
  • you can schedule the delivery of your groceries for a later time/date
  • you won’t be tempted by checkout line sodas and candies (or magazines)
  • typically eliminates buying things NOT on your list
  • no dealing with the other shoppers (don’t act like you don’t know what I mean)
  • no waiting in line
  • no loading groceries into your cart, then onto the belt, then into bags, then into your cart, then into your car, then into your home
  • you don’t have to take your kids to the bathroom right when you get as far away from the restrooms as you could be in the store
  • you don’t have to hear your kids complain, argue, whine, fuss, fight, etc. which is always worse at the market
  • you can order from anywhere with their app on your phone



  • if they don’t have what you need, they replace it with something different or something more expensive
  • you cannot pick out your own produce or super fresh, pulled from the back of the shelf, milk
  • you can’t see what’s on the clearance cart
  • you won’t get to look all bright and fabulous under those florescent lights
  • you won’t get to see all the college kids, dads, and bachelors wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out how this market thing works
  • you can’t chose a different item if it’s cheaper (though you wouldn’t know because you aren’t there to see it)
  • due to items being replaced, out of stock, or substituted and produce, the final cost isn’t final until it is delivered
  • going along with the above one, if things are out of stock and not replaceable, you may not get everything you need delivered. You can call Yummy.com to fill in the gaps if that happens. Or just go to El Torito where kids eat free on Wednesdays
  • the drivers won’t put away your food or cook you dinner


Keep in mind

  • you can only pay with credit/debit card
  • someone over 18 must be present to accept groceries (you will be carded if you look young)
  • someone over 21 must sign for alcohol purchases (you will be carded)
  • you can use club card coupons but not paper coupons
  • the drivers will help you into the house with your groceries, but they do not accept tips


As the one who does all the chores and errands around our home, I have found this service to be incredibly helpful a few times now. Overall, I find Vons more expensive than other markets, but there is a trade off in convenience. Aside from Yummy.com and Amazon Fresh there aren’t many other options available yet for home grocery delivery. I’m confident we will use it at least a few more times. First time is free shipping, so what have you got to lose?


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I purchased these products myself. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Read full disclosure policy here.


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