Uses for Coconut Oil


Everyone should have heard about the awesome benefits of coconut oil by now. If you haven’t, you should sign up to this wonderful website called Pinterest, because you are missing out on a world of awesome. There are tons of posts available which list the many wonderful ways you can use coconut oil on your body and around the house. I’ve tried many of them. We always have coconut oil on hand in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Almost all uses require extra virgin quality coconut oil. Pure and natural is always the way to go. Here are 10 ways I use coconut oil in my house that go beyond the typical “moisturizer”, “conditioner”, and “oil pulling” uses.


10 creative and clever uses you may not have heard about yet for coconut oil that go beyond the basics of just moisturizing. It comes in handy in the kitchen, in the bathroom and around the house.




  • I love to make homemade coconut oil tortillas. (<- click link for recipe) Fresh homemade tortillas are the best ever and I could eat them all day, everyday. These are made with coconut oil, which makes them a million times better.
    (I calculated, it was a million)


  • One of the most popular ways to use coconut oil in your beauty routine is to make deodorant by mixing it with baking soda. This is a very effective all natural deodorant. However, if you are anything like me (and my sisters) you may develop a rash, which gets worse when you sweat. You might smell delicious, but you will be in PAIN! If this turns out to be you too, make sure you have a small spritz bottle of apple cider vinegar on hand as this will interact with the baking soda and eliminate the irritation, then keep using it as it will help your rash go away. Please stop using this deodorant and find a lovely low or no baking soda formula from one of the many great apothecary artists on Etsy. Or try Jason. I found the tea tree scented Jason works great on me to cover up smell.
    (Keep in mind there is a stinky detox phase you must endure should you be weaning off aluminum deodorants for the first time. Hang in there, it’s worth it)


  • I have been using a homemade toothpaste for the last year now. The kids and I still love it. Click here for the recipe.


  • I get a lot of compliments on my homemade biscuits. People can’t get enough of them. Secret ingredient? Coconut oil. Here is my recipe. Now it’s not a secret.


  • I’m a fan of naked popcorn. I had it once when I was about 6 and I fell in love. I love butter, caramel, cheese, and kettle corn too, but naked popcorn cooked in coconut oil holds just a subtle coconut flavor and I’m in heaven. Pop your own and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Make toast. Spread coconut oil on. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Healthier.


  • If the coconut oil and baking soda deodorant didn’t work out for you, relabel it and now you have a delicious smelling facial exfoliator to slough away the dead skin. #RePurposed


  • When the door squeaks, remedy that with your coconut oil spray. Among other places, you can find this at Trader Joe’s and Target.


  • We aren’t the only ones who use coconut oil toothpaste. Our dog, Disney, also gets her own made of coconut oil and cinnamon. Makes her mouth smell a lot less like butt.


  • When you melt coconut oil and a small amount of beeswax pellets, then add drops of eucalyptus essential oil, you’ll have your own all natural, homemade vapor rub. Instead of eucalyptus, try lavender and rosemary and call it peaceful cream, then magically help the kids fall asleep as you rub a tiny amount on their chest and forehead at bedtime. Yet another option, forget the oils I already mentioned and add peppermint, rub on your temples, and cross your fingers that your headache goes away. (This works best for headaches caused by reading or studying a lot.)


There you have all my personal coconut oil faves. I hope you find a few new uses for this wonderful, natural stuff as well.


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, I may receive a small commission from Amazon which helps keeps this blog free to my readers. Thank you! Read full disclosure HERE


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