Monday Storytime | Twenty Yawns


Twenty Yawns
By Jane Smiley

This adorable bedtime story is perfectly themed for putting the little ones to bed. The story covers the fun day a family spends at the beach (which makes me tired just reading it knowing how exhausting that is) and then talks about coming home and winding down for bed. The fun part is how many times the story mentions yawning. It’s fun because… well, see if you can read it and NOT yawn!

The art in this book was mind blowing to me! I’m always so fascinated by the work of illustrators, especially in children’s books. This is largely due to the fact that art is certainly not something I excel at, so I appreciate their work very much. The illustrator for this book was able to display light in such a real way that it’s hard to believe at times that it is not a photograph.

I bought this book on Kindle, but you can also buy it in hardcover.



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