Sharpie Tile Art for Kids


Even though we are suffering in the hot humidity of summer here in droughtville Los Angeles, I have to think ahead to the holiday season because we make most of the gifts we give. Handmade gifts can be very time consuming, especially when the kids are making their gifts too, so we start early! Our kids have big dreams, so sometimes I have to work closely with them, to make sure we can find a craft at their level, that encourages freedom and individuality, while also not costing a fortune in supplies. This art project isn’t the “greenest”, but it is easy for kids of all ages, and it’s incredibly affordable.


Easy art idea for kids to make. Display as art or give as gifts. Ideas on how to use decorated tiles once you've made them.


Sharpie tile art is simple. Have the kids draw whatever they want on a tile from the home improvement store (these could be less than a quarter each, like the shiny white ones we used). Once they have drawn their pictures, bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, on a cookie sheet. Turn off the oven and let them cool inside. Seal with a glue or acrylic spray, if you’d like. and then you’re pretty much done. Sharpie markers come in many colors, so drawing whatever they imagine shouldn’t be an issue.


Easy art idea for kids to make. Display as art or give as gifts. Ideas on how to use decorated tiles once you've made them.


Add to your finished tiles to make them into functional items.

  • Cork or felt hot glued to the back makes a coaster (porous tiles are better than shiny ones for this)
  • Add a picture hook to the back to hang as art (use gentle hammering with tiny nails to attach the hanger to the tile, or a strong glue)
  • Begin a mosaic piece for your home or garden (break tiles first to make tiny, unique pieces of art)
  • Create a garden path (choose sturdy smaller tiles so stepping on them won’t crack them)
  • Apply to a tabletop for a furniture makeover
  • Add embellishments such as rocks, beads, shells, sand, etc. to make 3D art
  • Display on a shelf with a tiny folding easel (like you would a fancy dish)


Other tile art ideas

  • Use chalk paint to create a mini writing surface that will provide hours of fun (don’t use shiny tiles for this one)
  • Decoupage pictures, scrapbook paper, book pages, or newspaper to make decorative coasters (make sure to seal when you are finished)


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