Monday Storytime | The Candymakers


The Candymakers
By Wendy Mass

When we were shopping around our local Barnes and Noble, I stumbled upon this candy filled cover that instantly grabbed my attention because my daughter LOVES candy. When I flipped the book over, I read the summary about a group of young teens who have entered a candy making competition at a popular candy factory. I was thinking this was possibly a modern Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and instantly showed it to her. My picky 6 year old said what she says to every book I suggest, “No.” I went ahead and bought it anyway, and as soon as I started reading, she was hooked.

The story is actually told multiple times through each character’s point of view, which I thought was fun. To get the opportunity to get inside the head of all the main characters helps bring you closer to the story. There are some pretty big twists and secrets I never saw coming. I was hooked on this book as much as the kids were.

This book is available on Kindle, Audible, as a paperback or a hardcover

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