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Ivory Soap in the Microwave FAIL


There’s a really great collection of pictures on Pinterest, if you search “Ivory Soap Experiment”, that entice you to pop a bar in your own microwave and begin having some hands on fun with the kids. The kids and I were all pretty excited to give it a try ourselves. Soap in the microwave!? Let’s go!! Continue reading

Sparkle Playdough


A good playdough with a great texture is difficult to come by when it comes to homemade fun. Some of the best ones require cooking on the stovetop. Making playdough in this fashion may be more time consuming, but the finished product is well worth it. I was very excited when I found this recipe for a night sky playdough at Two Daloo. The batch I made is altered slightly, and doubled. I wanted a larger batch so that both my children would have enough to play with. This recipe is easy enough for the kids to make, but please keep a close watch on the process as the stove and fire are requirements. Continue reading

Moldable Play Sand


This hands on playtime idea is a very simple three ingredient project that’ll get the kids playing right from the start. Moldable play sand is similar to “Moon Sand” or the wet sand at the beach. Perfect for building castles, roads, and walls to tear down. Help your little ones create a batch of this fun stuff and then help them pick out some toys that might like to participate in the fun. Suggested use is outdoors or on a hard surface for easy clean up. A large cookie sheet makes a great play tray. Continue reading

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