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Healing Garden Shop Review


At the Healing Garden Shop, you can browse a variety of Reiki infused gemstone bracelets, created by a certified crystal healer, that help attract positive energies and repel negative ones. Being all about natural healing, as a fellow Earth lover myself, I’ve always been drawn to crystals and gemstones, so it was completely logical to me that I found these bracelets both exciting and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to get one of my own. Continue reading

Mad Minerals Make-up Review


Going chemical free with our home and bodies is something many of us strive for today. The “going green” revolution has brought about many changes to the way we do things in our daily life and it also decreases our negative impact on the Earth. While there may not be enough studies done on the products with chemicals to be certain of their effect on our health, no one can argue that natural would be best for us. Just consider the multitude of things that were once thought to be OK or healthy for us, only to later discover they harmed us tremendously: heroin, mercury,  tapeworms, and so many more! Continue reading

Mommy Parties! Featuring Episencial


I was super excited about being invited to host an Episencial Mommy Party. It’s not a sales party where it’s all about pushing products on you. This is an interactive, fun themed, personal party. The company sponsoring the party sends out a trial package of their products, along with enough goodies and freebies in gift bags for ten of your friends. The idea is, tell ten of your friends, and they will tell their friends, and so on and so forth until the advertising by word of mouth becomes successful. Wonderful idea on their part because it makes marketing fun! Go straight to the moms and give them an excuse to gather up all their mom friends. Genius. Continue reading

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