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How to Scare People on Halloween


Halloween is more than just a holiday to my family. It is a season. The entire month of October is celebrated Halloween style, just as December is for Christmas. Every year, I look forward to the fun and spooky season. I also happen to be the type of person who loves to jump out at people to scare them. Our kids do not like this about me, nor my mother, but I’ve pretty much done it my whole life. Halloween makes it easier to scare people, with the mood already set, and the availability of people to scare. My best scares have definitely happened during the month of October. Here are a few ideas to help you get some good jumps out of your loved ones. Nothing gory or scary looking needed, so you won’t frighten young children. Continue reading

Why I Let My 3 Year Old Son Pierce His Ears


Our gentle 3 and a half year old son is very much like me. He has a unique and creative way of doing things, of dressing, and of thinking. I am determined to boost those abilities rather than suppress them. Things are going well with that plan and I’m certainly not going to start controlling these natural ways of his just because others find them “different”, “embarrassing”, or “girly”. Yesterday, he got both of his ears pierced…. with Hello Kitty earrings.

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