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Green Holiday Gift Guide | Handmade Edition


The Holiday season is approaching, which means you’ll most likely need to begin thinking about the gift giving season, if you haven’t already. It can be hard to successfully achieve a green gift giving experience. There are so many options available to us. So many ideas that make us think of our loved ones. So many things we may want to buy for those we care about. All in a time when many of us are not only eco conscious, but learning to live with less material items in general. Hopefully this gift guide will help you give from the heart, with some extra green effort thrown in, and encourage a sense of happiness with your choices in gift options. Continue reading

Natural Mouth Care


Eliminating commercial, often chemical filled, oral hygiene products from our home is one transition many people have a hard time with. Sometimes, even when a switch is made, the commitment doesn’t remain, so one may go back to the products they are used to. Continue reading

Piggy Paints Non-Toxic Nail Polish Review


Fabulous as they are, most nail polishes are made of a long list of hard to pronounce chemicals. The list tends to get even nastier when you add special features like “quick dry”, “long lasting”, and “special effects”. Going natural with nail polish is something a lot of women struggle with. They may think the natural ones won’t function the same as the conventional ones they are used to. Maybe they think it’s not worth the extra price. It’s important to embrace the change as we continue to live a natural, healthier lifestyle, eliminating all the yucky stuff from our world. Natural nail polish does exist, and many of them perform quite well. Here is the review of just one great natural nail polish brand. Piggy Paint.
Continue reading

Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamins


I’ve spent hours in the vitamin aisles at every health food store I’ve ever been in, comparing all the options available, in an attempt to choose the bet possible supplements to give my children. The biggest problem I’ve found with the available vitamins, is the lack of complex combinations of vitamins, which typically leaves me purchasing 3-4 different bottles to meet all their vitamin and mineral needs. Not only does this get expensive, it also means giving them a lot of different pills/gummies. Rainbow Light® Power Sours® have saved the day in so many ways. I am excited to share what I have learned since giving these vitamins a try. Continue reading

A Few Natural Deodorant Options


If you grew up using the deodorant from the shelves of most major stores, you may have had to “make the switch” when you decided to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. This switch can be tricky, wet, smelly, and difficult when it comes to finding a healthy alternative to the more common aluminum deodorant. With so many options, it could be quite a while before you finally find one you like. I’ve compiled a list of the best natural deodorants that Continue reading

Naturally Soft Feet


It’s been a great summer here in L.A. Hot and dry, but it definitely feels like summer. If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy going shoe-less during these summer months. Actually, I enjoy it all the time. I love being barefoot, feeling closer to nature, and feeling the breeze on my toes. OK, actually I tend to feel concrete and laminate floors with my feet more than I feel nature, but in my dream world, it’s all earth, sand, and water. The point is… going barefoot makes rough feet, and rough feet aren’t good for adorable shoes. Fear not! I have a natural treatment for those calloused feet of yours. Continue reading

DAB Herb Makeup Review


Cosmetics and hair products are some of the last things on my list to convert to the healthier green side. While I have tried many natural versions, nothing was leaving me feeling as comfortable as the conventional chemical stuff was. Of course, I was not OK with this, so I finally made efforts this year to fully commit. It was a lot easier after I discovered mineral makeup as an all natural, full coverage foundation. Eventually, I was left with the very last harsh cosmetic to rid from my beauty bag… mascara. Continue reading

Uses for Coconut Oil


Everyone should have heard about the awesome benefits of coconut oil by now. If you haven’t, you should sign up to this wonderful website called Pinterest, because you are missing out on a world of awesome. There are tons of posts available which list the many wonderful ways you can use coconut oil on your body and around the house. I’ve tried many of them. We always have coconut oil on hand in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Almost all uses require extra virgin quality coconut oil. Pure and natural is always the way to go. Here are 10 ways I use coconut oil in my house that go beyond the typical “moisturizer”, “conditioner”, and “oil pulling” uses. Continue reading

Easy Homemade Toothpaste


I tried a variety of homemade toothpastes including a basic baking soda and peroxide combination. I didn’t have a lot of success with any of them. Then I discovered the use of clay in homemade toothpaste. The kids and I have been satisfied with the texture of this clay recipe which we have been using for the past two months. We all enjoy the flavor and feel that our mouths are clean when we are finished. It can get messy and kids usually need an extra lesson in how to thoroughly rinse the sink when they are finished rinsing their mouth out. No harmful chemicals or harsh abrasives are used in this recipe. Continue reading

Mad Minerals Make-up Review


Going chemical free with our home and bodies is something many of us strive for today. The “going green” revolution has brought about many changes to the way we do things in our daily life and it also decreases our negative impact on the Earth. While there may not be enough studies done on the products with chemicals to be certain of their effect on our health, no one can argue that natural would be best for us. Just consider the multitude of things that were once thought to be OK or healthy for us, only to later discover they harmed us tremendously: heroin, mercury,  tapeworms, and so many more! Continue reading

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