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How to Massage Your Baby


Massage is one of the most widely known ways to promote natural healing, though not a lot of people associate it as a way to heal the body. While massage is an excellent way to de-stress, the benefits it can offer go far beyond relaxing the muscles. The best part of massage, especially in terms of healing, is that it can range in pressure from gentle to intense to accommodate any age and physical condition. There are a few health Continue reading

Maximize the Benefits of Your Therapeutic Massage


I think we can all agree that massages are wonderful. Well, there are a few of you who have not had a good massage, haven’t had the right type of massage, or *gasp* have never had a massage! Maybe you can’t agree they are wonderful, but let me tell you, when you get the right type of massage from a well trained therapist, you will feel the amazing release of tension and toxins everyone else is talking about. Those of you who already know, hopefully you will find some tips here that increase your healing and further improve the effects of your massage. Continue reading

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