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Choosing the Right #GlutenFree Tortillas


It’s getting so much easier to find gluten free products these days. What once was a specialty to be found only at health food stores, is now easily purchased at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, and Target. However, it’s still important to keep reading your labels to be certain you are not buying into the gimmick some companies think they can use to fool us. Continue reading

Organic Black Bean Quesadillas


Sometimes all I can get my daughter to eat is a quesadilla. Tortilla… and cheese. I tell her all the time she needs to eat the rainbow, not just yellow food, but that doesn’t actually get her to eat more. I’ve had to come up with many clever ways to sneak some other food groups into her glorious cheese tortillas. Only in the last year, have I had much luck with her not picking out what I sneak in. She’s now 7. With these black bean quesadillas, I finally found sometimes that gives her some nutrition, and she will actually eat them! They are super quick and easy to make, too. Continue reading

Uses for Coconut Oil


Everyone should have heard about the awesome benefits of coconut oil by now. If you haven’t, you should sign up to this wonderful website called Pinterest, because you are missing out on a world of awesome. There are tons of posts available which list the many wonderful ways you can use coconut oil on your body and around the house. I’ve tried many of them. We always have coconut oil on hand in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Almost all uses require extra virgin quality coconut oil. Pure and natural is always the way to go. Here are 10 ways I use coconut oil in my house that go beyond the typical “moisturizer”, “conditioner”, and “oil pulling” uses. Continue reading

Coconut Oil Tortillas


If you’ve ever had the chance to eat a handmade tortilla, you have had a little piece of heaven. If you haven’t, here is your opportunity. All those packaged tortillas have nothing on ones handmade from scratch. Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their own. Use them for taco night, a wrap for lunch, or just a mind blowing, simple, amazing snack. These are made with coconut oil and hold a subtle flavor making them an almost buttery, mouth watering treat. They pack more health benefits too compared to those made with other less healthy oils. Continue reading

Secret Ingredient Biscuits from Scratch


I’ve tried so many biscuit recipes. Ones that claim to mimic recipes from famous restaurants, ones that are supposed to be easy and delicious, ones that are supposed to be the best ever in the whole entire world! I couldn’t find what I was looking for, though. I kept at it, and I altered a few things, then I finally created my own version of the many I had tried. I added a secret ingredient, and I found success. Everyone who tries these biscuits are in love. Even if they don’t typically like the secret ingredient. I’m sharing my secret with you now. Continue reading

Simple Delicious Chicken Bake


This chicken bake is simple to make and adds a nice amount of flavor to spice things up if your family tends to eat a lot of chicken. Personally, I am always looking for easy recipes to make so that my kids can help participate in the cooking and this one is a good one for teamwork, (since I won’t let them handle the frying part of the recipe, yet). This recipe feeds a large family with 6 or more servings depending on how much everyone eats. Continue reading

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