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Grocery Shopping Without a Car


One of the biggest concerns people have when they find out that we are living without a car is, how in the world do we go grocery shopping? We can’t possibly load up a trunk load of food on the bus and drag it all into the house after a treacherous walk, can we? It’s no where near that difficult. In fact, it hasn’t been a challenge at all so far, but I have made a few mistakes and certainly learned a few lessons. Here is how we keep it simple. Continue reading

Review of Relay Rides


One month into our adventure of living without a car, I’d have to say that the most exciting thing I have come across so far is Relay Rides. It’s a pretty awesome and budget friendly way to rent a car, whether it is for a day or a week. You can also rent longer if you need to. I came across this website while searching for our first car rental. (Yes, we technically cheat and rent a car now and then because we often have to drive to the valley, roughly 26 miles away, and it’s difficult and time consuming on the bus) Car sharing is part of our eco-friendly choice, as we are only using a car when we need one, during a time the owner doesn’t need it. Still one less car on the road. Continue reading

Living Without a Car for a Year


Los Angeles is a big city. Everyone knows that. It’s typically in the top 3 ‘U.S. cities with best transportation’ lists. If we were anywhere else, I probably would not have made this possibly challenging decision. However, things changed for us a few months ago, bringing us back to a location we were already familiar with in West LA. A fantastic location for public transportation, bike paths, and walking distance to almost everything we need in our daily lives. Though almost everyone around us gasped in horror at the thought of living without a car, I wanted to prove that we could do it for a minimum of a year, and our lives would not only not fall apart, they would improve. I plan to log our journey over the next year as the four of us get by in this crazy, busy city without our own personal vehicle. Continue reading

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