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Simple Tips for Buying a Used Car


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We reached the end of life on another vehicle. This past week we had to go car shopping, which is something I always dread. I hate the task of shopping for a car, buying a car, selling my old (usually broken down) car, and dealing with a car payment when I didn’t have one. Since I’m extremely frugal (some might say cheap), I shop for used cars to save money. Buying used can be tricky, risky even, but almost always more affordable. As long as you don’t buy a dud. Here are a few tips for buying a used car. Continue reading

Reasons Why I Love NOT Having a Car


We’ve been getting around without a car for just over 6 months now. In my last #LaLifeWithoutACar post, I talked about the reasons why I miss having a car. This time, I’d like to list the reasons why I fully enjoy not having a car of our own right now. Again, a lot of my awesome, positive feelings may have turned out different if we had chosen to take this adventure during a very cold, or very rainy year. Then again, a very hot one is an extreme as well and it’s still been fine. Continue reading

Reasons Why I Miss Having a Car


It’s been 6 months already!? I can hardly believe we are at the top of the hill and getting ready to come down the other side. Now, we will watch the time fly as we approach the day when we acquire another vehicle for our family. We may extend it by a couple months, most likely during the time we begin (and go through) our search for another car. It’s been a pretty wonderful experience so far. Even with few stressful situations we’ve had, they don’t add up to anywhere near the ones we’d experience as car owners/drivers. In fact, I dread the days I have to rent a car and drive it all over town. This post, however, is meant to highlight the ways in which I DO miss having a car of our own. Continue reading

Public Transportation With Children | Tips and Tricks


I had actually been thinking about going without a car for a few years before we finally made the decision. A major part of why we put it off for so long was due to having young children. If you have ever left the house with a child, you know exactly what I mean. Now that we are taking public transportation a lot, without a car of our own, there are quite a few things I have picked up to help make traveling easier. (Learned them the hard way, which helps it stick better) We’ve taken just about every type of mass transit available in Los Angeles and here are some of the things I have learned to help make those trips go a little more smooth. Continue reading

GrubHub Review


Not having a car can make it difficult to go grab some take-out. Having the option of food delivery is handy when you you are having the kind of day where you don’t want to cook or are a little too busy to make dinner. A lot of restaurants offer delivery, but how do you know what’s good? What’s around you? How do you find discounts? Grub Hub is your answer. Even without the #LALifeWithoutACar experience I like using the service, but it sure has come in handy since we gave up our car for a year. Continue reading

CicLAvia Bike Event


CicLAvia Culver Meets Venice in West Los Angeles this past weekend was a blast! A 6 mile stretch, from Downtown Culver City to Venice Beach, was completely cleared of all cars for a little over 8 hours. We live right in the middle of the route they chose, and given our adventure of living without a car for a year, it was a much anticipated event in our household. We had never been to one of their events before, and this one came straight to our front door, so we had to go out and participate in the fun and excitement. It was a highly unique experience. Continue reading

What Kind of People Ride the Bus?


When we started this journey, living a year without a car, I had only one previous experience with riding the bus. That trip didn’t go so well either. With no experience at that time, and being only 14, I jumped on the bus facing the direction of my house, with my friends who were visiting from Canada, and got the 4 of us lost after the bus took an unexpected turn (unexpected to me). I used a payphone, called my mom, she rescued us, and I never took the bus again. That is, until we began this adventure. In the four and a half months since we sold our only car, I’ve gotten well acquainted with the bus system in our area. Continue reading

Review of Popular Transportation Apps


Now that we don’t have a car, we’ve started utilizing the variety of apps now available on our phones to get around. We are all for taking the bus where we need to go, as it is almost always significantly cheaper. Sometimes though, we find that if it’s more than one bus to get only a few miles away, it’s actually cheaper and easier to take Uber. It also comes in handy when I have a cartload of groceries from Target. Other apps help us avoid traffic and catch the next bus. Here are the ones we have used so far. Continue reading

We’re Fine Without a Car. Everyone Else Isn’t.


It’s been 4 months since our family made the decision to live a year without a car. So far, it’s been great! While my Husband gets the healthy cardio he needs by riding his bike to work, the kids and I have spent a lot of time exploring the local bus systems and getting to know services like Uber. As I mentioned in previous posts, we do rent a car when we have to go a long distance. We committed to 12 months, and we are one third of the the way there. The only problem we have run into so far… Continue reading

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