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Choosing the Right #GlutenFree Tortillas


It’s getting so much easier to find gluten free products these days. What once was a specialty to be found only at health food stores, is now easily purchased at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, and Target. However, it’s still important to keep reading your labels to be certain you are not buying into the gimmick some companies think they can use to fool us. Continue reading

Healthy Halloween Snacks


Halloween is a fun time for kids. They get a chance to dress up as their favorite character, maybe even apply some special make-up, and go around the neighborhood saying, “Trick or treat!”.  The thing is, pretty much everyone gives a treat, rather than a trick. If you’re like me, watching your children consume the processed, sugary treats Continue reading

Marshmallow Rainbow Wands


What do you get when you combine sugary cereal, marshmallows, and a magical wand? A child’s dream! I was inspired to create these wands for my daughter’s rainbow themed 4th birthday party. She loves all things girly and princess related. She also happens to love marshmallows and all things sugary. In the past we have done the fruit loops on a string necklace and we have created fruit loop rainbows for St. Patrick’ Day. This time we had fun preparing some edible toys for the guests at her party. Super easy to make and my kids enjoyed participating with the prep work for the party. Continue reading

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