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Simple Tips for Buying a Used Car


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We reached the end of life on another vehicle. This past week we had to go car shopping, which is something I always dread. I hate the task of shopping for a car, buying a car, selling my old (usually broken down) car, and dealing with a car payment when I didn’t have one. Since I’m extremely frugal (some might say cheap), I shop for used cars to save money. Buying used can be tricky, risky even, but almost always more affordable. As long as you don’t buy a dud. Here are a few tips for buying a used car. Continue reading

When is a House Remodel Dangerous?


Living in an old building hasn’t been all fun and games for us. It’s not old enough to be some awesome vintage home, but it certainly is old enough to require a lot of care, updates, and remodeling. For the most part, we’ve had fun making a cozy, old place look newer and more “us”. We painted, we placed laminate flooring, we cleaned, we decorated. The hardest part has been the fact that every time we think a project will be easy, it turns out the place needs so much more repair work than we thought. So far, the worst Continue reading

FREE Weekly Meal Plan Printable


It’s hard work to maintain a home, especially when you have a family. There is always something to do, something to buy, something to fix, and something to clean. While doing that, you need to save money, keep things organized, and eat well balanced meals. How can we do it all? That’s only the household list!! One thing that has been a great challenge for me is learning to understand that you simply cannot do it all. There is Continue reading

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