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Why You Should Subscribe to #preschool


You’ve seen it everywhere haven’t you? Commercials, libraries, the mall, all over the internet. A picture of an animated teacher, mouse, or classroom (like the one over there <— in the side bar). If you haven’t heard yet, is a pretty awesome website to sign up to for your preschool through 2nd grader. It’s now for ages 2-8 as they just added their 2nd grade level last month. I had both of my children signed up during Continue reading

Fun Math App for Elementary Age Kids


While I write mainly about natural health, eco-friendly living, and all things green, I like to put a special focus on technology as well. Technology is green in it’s own way. When using our phones, tablets, and computers for educational purposes, we are saving materials by not using paper filled books. This is the same reason Monday Storytime features are typically found in the Kindle store (or at the library). Basically, education is an essential part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to create waste. Unless you are living a completely off the grid, as close as modernly possible to a nature based lifestyle, chances are you have technology all around your home. If you have Continue reading

Early Language Learning with Kids’ Candor


I didn’t have the opportunity to learn a language when I was a child, so I feel very motivated to encourage my children to learn one. I had a blast teaching my son baby sign language when he was a toddler. As fun as that was, I had no idea how to approach the learning of a new language with my little boy. I know of Rosetta Stone, but it isn’t exactly intended for the young ones. I wish Kids’ Candor was an option for us at that influential time in his life, as well as my Daughter’s a few years later.
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Making Math Fun with the #ZapZapMath App


Math can get stressful for kids. Adults, too! Numbers, numbers, numbers. Always doing different things. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing….  it’s no wonder kids get overwhelmed. Math is very fascinating once you get the hang of it. It helps you figure out so many other things in life, like puzzles and games. It’s obviously an important skill to practice, but what about when the kids just aren’t getting it? Or when they get so overwhelmed with all the school work that it inhibits their learning or ability to retain information? Keeping school fun is an excellent way to keep the kids excited about learning. Turning the subjects they struggle with into games is one of the best ways to keep things fun for them.  Continue reading

Scholastic Teachers Review


When it comes to education and school, Scholastic is a very familiar name. Not only do they host the exciting book fairs we all know and love, they also host a variety of wonderful magazines and websites with loads of useful information. This review is about the Scholastic Teachers website and what you can find there. Continue reading

8 Great Children’s Newspapers


Once your children learn to read, a world of imagination, wonder, and education awaits them. Reading allows them to learn how to function in the world, how to create wonderful, magical worlds in their mind, and how to become educated on the world around them. Reading the news is far better for our brains than watching it on TV, most would agree. It may be years before your children are ready to understand and accept the type of news that we, as adults, read. Luckily, there are a variety of websites offering news written for kids. Some of it actually written by kids as well. Many of these news sites

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