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Thanksgiving Themed Crafts


Every Thanksgiving we get the opportunity to sit with our children and discuss what we have to be thankful for in our lives. Then we get to make special memories, as the family comes together, and shares a delicious meal together. It’s always a fun project to create a little something that can be displayed around the home, or on the dinner table, that allows the children to express the things they are thankful for. Continue reading

A Tooth Fairy Surprise!


We were very lucky to have had such a special surprise from the Tooth Fairy this last time one of the kids lost a tooth. Usually, the Tooth Fairy just writes an adorable, fairy sized letter to whomever lost their tooth, and gives them a 50 cent piece. This is thrilling enough! They get to hold the tiniest letter they have ever seen and then they get to save a really cool coin that you just don’t see too often anymore. The kids must be taking really good care of their teeth lately, because they got a real treat!
Continue reading

Sharpie Tile Art for Kids


Even though we are suffering in the hot humidity of summer here in droughtville Los Angeles, I have to think ahead to the holiday season because we make most of the gifts we give. Handmade gifts can be very time consuming, especially when the kids are making their gifts too, so we start early! Our kids have big dreams, so sometimes I have to work closely with them, to make sure we can find a craft at their level, that encourages freedom and individuality, while also not costing a fortune in supplies. This art project isn’t the “greenest”, but it is easy for kids of all ages, and it’s incredibly affordable. Continue reading

Adorable Birdhouses


I love to do nature crafts with my children. It gives us a chance to think about the planet and the creatures that inhabit it, while also sharing a bonding experience for all of us. This week we will be making birdhouses to hang in the trees for all the sparrows that hang around our yard. My daughter loves everything about birdhouses. She asks to buy one every time we go to the craft store. I wanted to share a collection of great inspiration pins we have come across in our search for ideas. Continue reading

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