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Aloft Home Silver Infused Cotton Sheets


When it comes to the sheets I put on my kid’s beds, we have had to develop a sort of routine. I want to put high quality solid color sheets on their bed that will last, while they want some cheaply made character sheets. So, I make a deal with them to alternate each time they need new sheets. I think it’s fun for kids to get those favorite character sheets on their beds at least a couple times in their childhood, but I also like the idea of not having to replace them so often.This time was my turn to win.
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Simple Tips for Buying a Used Car


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We reached the end of life on another vehicle. This past week we had to go car shopping, which is something I always dread. I hate the task of shopping for a car, buying a car, selling my old (usually broken down) car, and dealing with a car payment when I didn’t have one. Since I’m extremely frugal (some might say cheap), I shop for used cars to save money. Buying used can be tricky, risky even, but almost always more affordable. As long as you don’t buy a dud. Here are a few tips for buying a used car. Continue reading

Bamboo Paper Products for the Eco-Conscious #earthfriendly


Bamboo is like soy. You can make almost anything out of it, and also eat it. What is interesting about the bamboo plant is how fast it can grow. I knew of the fast growing, sustainable properties of this versatile plant, but apparently some varieties can grow 3 whole feet in just one day! It’s logical to make household paper products out of something that grows beyond significantly faster than the trees we are used to using. Most households go through so much toilet paper, tissue, wipes, etc. in a year that it’s no wonder the forests are being cut down faster than we can replace them. Bamboo may be the key to solving this increasing devastation. Continue reading

GrubHub Review


Not having a car can make it difficult to go grab some take-out. Having the option of food delivery is handy when you you are having the kind of day where you don’t want to cook or are a little too busy to make dinner. A lot of restaurants offer delivery, but how do you know what’s good? What’s around you? How do you find discounts? Grub Hub is your answer. Even without the #LALifeWithoutACar experience I like using the service, but it sure has come in handy since we gave up our car for a year. Continue reading

Review of Relay Rides


One month into our adventure of living without a car, I’d have to say that the most exciting thing I have come across so far is Relay Rides. It’s a pretty awesome and budget friendly way to rent a car, whether it is for a day or a week. You can also rent longer if you need to. I came across this website while searching for our first car rental. (Yes, we technically cheat and rent a car now and then because we often have to drive to the valley, roughly 26 miles away, and it’s difficult and time consuming on the bus) Car sharing is part of our eco-friendly choice, as we are only using a car when we need one, during a time the owner doesn’t need it. Still one less car on the road. Continue reading

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