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As a homeschooling family, we are able to be highly involved in our children’s learning experiences, which allows us the opportunity to know where we need to apply a little more focus in curriculum. Recently, we’ve spent a lot of time studying math facts. I’ve been working with my 4th grader to memorize the multiplication tables and with my 1st grader to memorize all the basic addition and subtraction facts. Sometimes (OK, most of the time), memorizing math is anything but fun. Thanks to, learning math can be a little more fun for kids, whether they are in home-school or traditional.

Logic Roots: Say Cheese makes learning multiplication facts fun for kids in grades 3 and up.

Say Cheese Cafe is appropriately suited for 3rd and 4th grade on up who are learning the multiplication facts and can use some practice memorizing them. I found it to be a little too advanced for my 1st grader who is just mastering the addition and subtraction facts. However, we were able to alter the game a little to help make it easier for her and we all enjoyed a game together.

Logic Roots: Say Cheese makes learning multiplication facts fun for kids in grades 3 and up.

In a reasonably timed math game, 2 to 4 players participate in a cheese themed set up almost similar to Slap-Jack, but instead of collecting cards with a jack, you collect cheese circles with correct multiplication math facts. There are a few challenges thrown in to make collecting cheese more difficult. The game ends when everyone runs out of their own cheese and the winner is the one with the biggest win pile. The more you memorize your multiplication facts, the easier it will be to build up your win pile. It’s a great way to encourage a little friendly, yet challenging competition.

We have played this game a few times now, and enjoyed ourselves each time. Logic Roots offers so many great games for all ages and levels that I am thrilled to try out more of them as we continue practicing math with our two children. These fun math games would make an excellent addition to any type of schooling. Learn more about Say Cheese Cafe. also offers some FREE math worksheets you can download and include as part of your educational materials.

Logic Roots: Say Cheese makes learning multiplication facts fun for kids in grades 3 and up.


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