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One month into our adventure of living without a car, I’d have to say that the most exciting thing I have come across so far is Relay Rides. It’s a pretty awesome and budget friendly way to rent a car, whether it is for a day or a week. You can also rent longer if you need to. I came across this website while searching for our first car rental. (Yes, we technically cheat and rent a car now and then because we often have to drive to the valley, roughly 26 miles away, and it’s difficult and time consuming on the bus) Car sharing is part of our eco-friendly choice, as we are only using a car when we need one, during a time the owner doesn’t need it. Still one less car on the road.

A user review of the popular peer to peer car rental company

Relay Rides is a unique and user friendly program that is used in many popular cities. The owner of a car, which must satisfy a list of criteria to qualify, can list their car on the website to be rented out to other drivers. They set the prices and it comes with a liability insurance offered by the company with option to add full coverage. The drivers must show proof of license and have their identity and eligibility verified before they can rent. Once you are approved you simply shop for the car you’d like to rent. You can use the website or the app on your phone. You can search for a certain type of car, a specific price range, or just whatever is closest to you. Many cars offer the option of car delivery for an added price. Relay Rides offers great rental options from major airports for added convenience. If you are not sure about renting from another user, the company usually hosts their own cars close to the airport and you may feeler safer renting those. No money exchanges hands either. You add your payment method to your account (like Uber or Lyft) and they charge your card when reservations have been confirmed.

What is wonderful about this company, besides the aspect of car sharing, is that you can rent really great cars for really great prices. Even when you compare to the promotional rates of some of the major car rental agencies, you will find that cars on Relay Rides are significantly cheaper. Especially the hybrids!

We have used Relay Rides a few times now to rent hybrids and electric cars. My top choices to drive and hopefully own when the time comes for us to buy. It has been a breeze to rent and the car owners have been very pleasant. Also, as with any car rental company, you are getting the ability to test drive a variety of cars. Should you be in the market to purchase, renting the car for a few days gives you a much better feel for how it drives than just a test drive off the lot.

You can find cars in the following major cities: San Francisco, Cambridge, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Chicago, Honolulu, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, and San Jose.

If you decide you’d like to give Relay Rides a try, sign up through my link HERE and earn $25 off your first rental. For a one day rental that could make it free depending on the car you choose.

Happy renting!

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