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It’s hard work to maintain a home, especially when you have a family. There is always something to do, something to buy, something to fix, and something to clean. While doing that, you need to save money, keep things organized, and eat well balanced meals. How can we do it all? That’s only the household list!! One thing that has been a great challenge for me is learning to understand that you simply cannot do it all. There is just no way. If you are succeeding at one thing, something else will be lacking. When I’m preparing for a craft sale, my house is a mess. When I’m on top of my blog duties, I lose sleep and feel like I neglect my kids.


The good news is, you’ll make it. One way or another, you will. Sometimes it helps just to have a few organized ways to handle your responsibilities. Setting aside some time each week to gather all your recipes and cook books to plan out your meals for the upcoming week, will help you save time and money, while eating better.


Check your grocery ads and sales, collect your coupons, and plans meals that incorporate these to help save you more money. With a weekly plan you won’t have to stop and think about what to make everyday. It’ll all be there for you and you will feel less stressed because of it. It’ll be easier to resist going out to eat and you’ll know what every one is eating, to make sure good healthy food is going in their bodies instead of quick, less healthy food. A menu plan can also deter the question, “What’s for dinner?”.


I’ve been meal planning for a few years now. The best part is that I devote some time on one day to use Pinterest and my own cook books to plan out the whole week, do all my shopping all at once, and then I’m done for the week (aside from prepping each meal). I can plan slow cooker meals for days we’ll be gone all day, or be out late. I can go into the store with an exact list and save money with coupons while also resisting, “Let’s just make random food tonight” purchases (which get pretty pricey, right?). I really notice the difference when I skip a week and “wing it”.


A simple, organized FREE PRINTABLE weekly menu plan to help you save time and money during the week.


I designed this simple menu plan sheet to organize the meals for the week. Just write down each meal for each day and write out the grocery shopping list on the side. I take the list out shopping with me and only pick up a few snacks and drinks I find on sale that aren’t on my list. This helps me resist buying what I don’t need. Don’t forget to check for the staples before you leave and add them to your list if you need to (milk, bread, eggs, butter, oil, spices).


To Print

  1. Click on above photo and a new tab will open
  2. Click on photo in new tab to make full size (will be way too large)
  3. Click print in your browser
  4. Make sure “shrink to fit” is slected
  5. Appropriate size should now print

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