The Benefits of Regular Meditation


With a growing interesting in Yoga over the past couple decades, meditation practice has also been growing. They really blend quite well. Peas and carrots. Meditation is an excellent practice to incorporate into your daily life and natural lifestyle. Even with a busy schedule, a few minutes a day can be all you need to stay zen and release the tensions of the day. Continue reading

Babyproofing Tips


Having a baby around is having to constantly be aware of all the things they can get into. You even have to think about all the things you wouldn’t imagine they could find or reach. There are so many simple things that can become dangerous in a moment, but we have to maintain a calm approach as well so we don’t over react about every spot in the home. You certainly don’t need to pad your walls and furniture, but sometimes there are a few simple tips we might over look. As the holidays are approaching, you may have an additional baby or two in the house, making these tips Continue reading

Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Products from #Aurorae


There is no other practice like yoga. It is a full body workout that blends together aspects of the mind, the body, and the soul, to bring us peace and relaxation. It’s also a fantastic way to build balance and strength throughout the body. One of the bigger things that sets yoga apart from other types of exercises is how it teaches you to breathe properly. Most humans do not breathe the proper way, so we end up inhibiting our body’s natural ability to release stress and maintain clear focus. Since yoga has been popular for many years now (on top of the fact it has ancient roots), more people have welcomed it into their lives, thereby increasing their breathing focus, meditation skills, and flexibility. Continue reading

Christmas All Year With Monthly Letters From Santa


Every holiday season seems to go the same way. We start out excited about pulling out the decorations, setting up the advent calendar, welcoming the elves back, and planning all the festivities for the month of December. I get excited to finish the Christmas shopping early so I can enjoy a more peaceful season than the previous year (which never happens). In the meantime, the kids are getting excited to write out a gift list for Santa with the hopes that they’ve made it onto the nice list this year. While the Holiday season can be incredibly busy, and even exhausting toward the end, seeing children’s faces light up after a visit from Santa is one of the most magical moments of the year. It truly makes up for the holiday craze that precedes it. Finding a way to spread some of that magic throughout the year is a special Continue reading

Baby Wearing Options


Wrapping your baby on your body so you can keep them close and go hands free is certainly not a new practice. It’s ancient across multiple cultures, but we’ve seen a growing trend of mother’s ‘wearing’ their babies in recent years. I get very excited as we continue to see natural and more attached methods of child rearing emerge (or re-emerge). I don’t mean Continue reading

Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator Review #NeilMed #MomsMeet


I’ve been in the “natural world” for many years now. During this time, I’ve been surrounded by the types of products those who live a clean, more natural, and healthier lifestyle tend to use. Even though I am familiar with most of the natural health products out there, there are still many I need to try. Now, I can cross one more natural healing remedy off my list. The neti-pot. I can officially say I have tried the neti-pot for optimal nasal health and cleanliness. Thanks to GreenMomsMeet, I was introduced to Neil-Med, and I had the chance to try their nasal rinse and infant aspirator in addition to the neti-pot. I was impressed with all of these products. Here Continue reading

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