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I’ve been in the “natural world” for many years now. During this time, I’ve been surrounded by the types of products those who live a clean, more natural, and healthier lifestyle tend to use. Even though I am familiar with most of the natural health products out there, there are still many I need to try. Now, I can cross one more natural healing remedy off my list. The neti-pot. I can officially say I have tried the neti-pot for optimal nasal health and cleanliness. Thanks to GreenMomsMeet, I was introduced to Neil-Med, and I had the chance to try their nasal rinse and infant aspirator in addition to the neti-pot. I was impressed with all of these products. Here are the details why.

Here is an excellent way to combat common sinus symptoms like allergies, Hay Fever, common colds, congestion, and dryness. A natural and pH balanced way to maintain nasal health for the whole family. Check out the one thing EVERY new mother should have in her diaper bag!

NeilMed is the largest manufacturer in the world to supply saline nasal irrigation systems. Their affordable products are designed to be simple, safe, and effective at alleviating common nasal and sinus symptoms, while using a large volume and low pressure method. With over 22 products designed to care for your nasal passages, there is sure to be one you will feel comfortable using. NeilMed offers an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can try their products without worry. Read on to get a coupon code for your next purchase!

Here is an excellent way to combat common sinus symptoms like allergies, Hay Fever, common colds, congestion, and dryness. A natural and pH balanced way to maintain nasal health for the whole family. Check out the one thing EVERY new mother should have in her diaper bag!

The NasaFlo Neti-Pot

What the heck is a neti-pot? I didn’t know for a long time. People would tell me they used one during allergy season and tell me how fabulous they were at managing their symptoms. I saw them on the shelves of health food stores. All I saw on the box was a picture of a tiny tea pot pouring out water. I felt completely clueless. When I opened the package sent to me and began reading the instructions, I realized why they look like little teapots. Basically, using slightly warm, distilled water and the NeilMed pH balanced saline solution packets, you tilt your head over the sink, open your mouth, and gently pour half the contents into (up) one side of your nose and out the other. Then, tilt the other way and use the remaining solution on the other side of your nose.

What does it feel like?

  • Well, you know when you were a kid and had been swimming all day in the pool? This was me every day in summer as a child. Inevitably, you had ended up inhaling water at some point. The chlorine gave a burning feeling inside your nose and maybe even down your throat, right? Well, don’t cringe, that’s not what nasal irrigation feels like. I just want you to think about how that felt. Now, after an hour or two had passed from the time you inhaled the water, you still had a feeling inside your nose, but it didn’t hurt, burn or choke. THAT is a closer example. It still sounds scary because I am essentially comparing it to potential drowning, but it’s NOT BAD at all. You can feel the solution (and it is essential you use the pH solution instead of plain water) going into your nose and entering your nasal passages. Since your head is tilted, the water goes up and comes out the other side of your nose. Keeping your mouth open is also essential as it helps keep airflow balanced. If any goes down your throat, you can just spit it out. The feeling only lasts while the solution is actually in your nose.  Honestly, I found it awkward at first, but also cool. We know our nose, throat and ears are connected, but it’s still remarkable to validate that with personal proof. Proof that doesn’t cause any pain at all (unlike some of the other ways we get the proof of the connection).

The Sinus Rinse

This product functions just like NasaFlo neti-pot, but in a slightly less delicate, and slightly more prompt, process. I’m not a delicate person. In fact, I’m a type A, let’s get things done right now kind of person. I found this product to suit me far better. You fill the re-usuable bottle with slightly warm distilled water mixed with the special pH balanced saline packet (included). Once mixed, you lean forward over the sink, open your mouth slightly, and squirt half the contents in one nostril. It will come out the other side in the same way as the neti-pot. Then you repeat on the opposite side. Done.

Why Were These Great to Use?

  • Well, we were lucky enough to get head colds just a week after the products arrived. I’m not being sarcastic. We were lucky to be able to have these on hand at one of the best times to use them. It helped us through the cold and provided me the opportunity to give a very thorough evaluation. You know that deathly feeling where one side of your nose is completely stopped up and the other one is dryer than a piece of chalk in the middle of a hot desert? Yeah. These rinsing products helped sooooo much with that! Typical over the counter micro sprays do not deliver enough solution, or spray, to be nearly as effective as full irrigation when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing.
  • I am allergic to the cat. When I pet him, I MUST wash my hands after or else my face pays the price. Itchy, red eyes and endless sneezing. I tried petting him and being around him enough to inhale his dander, then I went off and used the NeilMed products. I certainly noticed a difference in the reduction of allergy symptoms.
  • The dog park I take my pup to is mostly dirt and wood mulch. When the dogs run around, they really kick up dirt. If I end up anywhere near this dust cloud they create, I end up blowing the dirt out of my nose for the rest of the day. While I was testing these products out, I was able to clean the dirt out as soon as I got home. I felt clean, fresh, and able to breathe better. I wish I could use it on my dog, too!

The Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator

This is the best baby aspirator I have ever used. It really turned me off at first because the straw attached to it, which allows the parent to provide suction, gave me horrid thoughts of snot and ew…. no. When I opened the package, I found the bulb aspirator, with attached hose and suction end. It was already set up with a ONE WAY filter, and came with an extra 6 replacement filters as well. In addition to these, a mesh storage bag was provided to keep everything in when not in use. How helpful! I got everything set up and called over my stuffy nosed little sickies. Here are the awesome things I noticed about the Naspira aspirator.

  • The smaller, tapered tip actually fits into little noses and doesn’t stretch out their tiny nostrils to do so. My kids had no complaints about this being in their nose.
  • The clear design really is awesome for seeing what comes out of their nose, or IF anything comes out. Infection? You have your answer right there. No more questioning if anything actually got sucked out, or you just heard snot and suction.
  • The hose section can be removed and you can cap the bulb. This turns it into a regular bulb aspirator. Easier to transport, less embarrassing to use in public, and still has the benefits of being see through.
  • All the parts come apart easy for maximum cleaning power. Plus, they are all made of silicone so you can boil them to disinfect.

Both the kids and I thought it was awkward to use at first, just like the other products I tried. This was mostly due to it all being a new experience. Just like the other products, we got comfortable with it real quick when we realized it didn’t perform as awkwardly as we expected it to. I wish I had this product when my children were babies. However, I now have a new mandatory addition to my regular baby shower gift basket!

When you buy a Naspira Nasal Aspirator from be sure to use code: MOMSBLOG to save $3.


All of the NeilMed nasal products are natural and drug free. They offer a healthier way to maintain your sinus health and alleviate annoying common symptoms we all experience from time to time. While many of their products have the same effects, each person may feel a different level of comfort with a certain design. (I prefer the Sinus Rinse option). As you head over to to shop for the right product for you, be sure to visit the FAQ page to get answers to any questions you may have.

I received these products for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. All opinions and experiences are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or NeilMed. Read full disclosure HERE.

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