Mommy Parties! Featuring Nutella


Time again to host a Mommy Party! Thanks to Mom Select I had a chance to host another product engaging party. This one’s theme is the much loved hazelnut spread Nutella. I haven’t yet met someone who doesn’t love it, unless they haven’t tried it. It was a new adventure in taste for a couple moms at the party, the rest of them couldn’t wait to join the party and learn more awesome ways to eat the delicious spread. Needless to say, it was a huge hit.


The goody bags contained a travel mug, recipe ideas, a sample of Nutella, a coupon, and a spreader. Everyone was thrilled they were given these fabulous quality mugs to keep. I prepared a few sampler menu items for the party goers to taste.


One of my favorite Nutella recipes is what I call a banana pizza. I just take a whole wheat pita, spread Nutella all over it and place banana slices on top of that. Slice it up, call it pizza, and the kids go crazy over it.




My son is a huge fan of Nutella. He even tried to lick the jar clean when I was finished preparing the food. He helped me make the snacks and he was very proud to be included in the party hosting. The best part, in fact, was that everyone’s kids ate up all the snacks as well. That gave all us moms a bit of confidence in knowing there is some way to actually get out little ones to eat breakfast. They didn’t care about the pita being whole wheat. Any mother of a pre-schooler knows how comforting that can feel.


The couple of moms in our crowd that hadn’t previously tried Nutella, are now part of the larger crowd who will go around telling everyone about this amazing scrumptious product and how everyone should eat it!


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