Mommy Parties! Featuring Episencial


I was super excited about being invited to host an Episencial Mommy Party. It’s not a sales party where it’s all about pushing products on you. This is an interactive, fun themed, personal party. The company sponsoring the party sends out a trial package of their products, along with enough goodies and freebies in gift bags for ten of your friends. The idea is, tell ten of your friends, and they will tell their friends, and so on and so forth until the advertising by word of mouth becomes successful. Wonderful idea on their part because it makes marketing fun! Go straight to the moms and give them an excuse to gather up all their mom friends. Genius.

I started using the products I received right away. Being a natural mama, I am immediately drawn to any product that aims to have ingredients which are closer to nature. Their Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath has a good amount of suds for a natural product and a heavenly scent to soothe away the stress of the day.

I was super excited about the theme of these products too! We LOVE the Hungry Caterpillar at this house. We also LOVE shopping at Target and were fully aware of the fact that Target had “Hungry Caterpillar” party supplies for sale at the time. Of course, once I was invited to host this party, I ran out and picked up enough plates, napkins and cups for my guests.

Lasagna, apples with caramel dip, bagel chips, fresh berries with yogurt, tea, apple cider, and fruit punch made this one yummy get together.



We played a game of Episencial Themed Bingo and then a board game called “Scribblish” by Hasbro. Scribblish is like the drawing version of the game of “Telephone”. It’s a blast! You take a card, read it, then draw a picture to go with it. Then you all pass your drawings around and the next person has to write what they think the drawing is. It goes back and forth drawing and writing until you end up with a jumbled hilarious mess in the end.



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