Maximize the Benefits of Your Therapeutic Massage


I think we can all agree that massages are wonderful. Well, there are a few of you who have not had a good massage, haven’t had the right type of massage, or *gasp* have never had a massage! Maybe you can’t agree they are wonderful, but let me tell you, when you get the right type of massage from a well trained therapist, you will feel the amazing release of tension and toxins everyone else is talking about. Those of you who already know, hopefully you will find some tips here that increase your healing and further improve the effects of your massage.


Getting a massage is a great way to unwind, detox, and release your tension. These tips and tricks to do, both before and after, will help you maximize the benefits of your massage to make you feel better, longer.


Before your massage, you want to get the relaxation started. When your therapist manipulates your muscles, the tension will be released easier if your body has already begun to let it go. Here are a few things to do to make sure you get the maximum amount of tension released from your muscles.


  • Slowly and peacefully stretch your entire body. Put a focus on the trouble areas, but stretch everything. It’s all connected.
  • Meditate to ease your mind. Spend about 10-20 minutes meditating before your massage to relax your mind and leave your worries behind. Meditation will help calm your overthinking mind so you won’t be focused on your stresses while you are on the table. If you are thinking about stressful things, your brain is sending the signals to your muscles to respond to that stress.
  • Take a hot shower. Heat loosens the muscles and encourages them to relax, which will ease tension. When you get a jump start on relaxing your muscles, it will not only be easier for your therapist to massage them, they will be more likely to release the maximum amount of tension. That will mean the way you feel after your massage lasts longer.



After your massage you want to help move all the toxins through your body so they don’t get stuck anywhere and leave you feeling sick. When you break up the tension in your muscles, the stress and toxins are released into your blood and lymph system to be filtered and sent out of your body. If you don’t eliminate these toxins you might wake up the next day feeling like you have a cold. Depending on how long it has been since your last massage, and how deep your therapist went into your tissues, you may still wake up sore and feel like you have allergies. This is normal, however, doing these things after your massage (in addition to the things you did before it) will greatly reduce any nasty feelings the next day.


  • Take another shower, but this time make it a Hot/Cold shower. Directions found here. This really helps flush the bad stuff from your body leaving you feeling both relaxed AND energized. Seriously, try it!
  • Drink A LOT of water. This can be hard if your get your massage at night, so it’s actually better to get your massage midday if you can. You will want to keep water with you for the rest of the day and drink as much as you can. Fresh lemon juice added to your water with help flush everything out. You’ll have to use the restroom a lot, as your body processes all that water, so don’t plan a long car trip for after your massage.
  • Sleep. Take an hour long nap before you go about your day, drinking water. It’ll refresh your mind and keep your muscles relaxed longer, before you need to begin using them again, putting tension back into your body.


Remember,  if you can tolerate the pressure (which can be painful) deep tissue will work out more tension than Swedish style massage. Swedish is great for flushing some toxins and encouraging relaxation, but it is a more gentle massage that only gets the superficial layers of muscle and tissue.


Disclaimer: If you have any health concerns, please do your own research and talk to your doctor before you take on any new treatments such as those I listed above. Hot showers may complicate certain conditions (such as pregnancy, which is not a condition, but you know what I mean). Use your best judgement. Don’t put lemon juice in your water if you are allergic to lemons. Stay safe people!


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