Reasons Why I Love NOT Having a Car


We’ve been getting around without a car for just over 6 months now. In my last #LaLifeWithoutACar post, I talked about the reasons why I miss having a car. This time, I’d like to list the reasons why I fully enjoy not having a car of our own right now. Again, a lot of my awesome, positive feelings may have turned out different if we had chosen to take this adventure during a very cold, or very rainy year. Then again, a very hot one is an extreme as well and it’s still been fine.

One family takes on the adventure of living without a car for a year.

  • I don’t have to worry about traffic

We live in Los Angeles. Do I need to go on? Even in traffic on the bus, it’s not bad. I just talk to the kids, go on my phone, or RELAX! In fact, we always take something to do. Like a book. Now, I feel naked if I’m not carrying a bag of activities around.

  • I don’t have to worry about parking

We live in Los Angeles. Do I need to go on? Ha. No really, it’s really expensive to get a parking ticket around here. That’s IF you can find a parking spot. In our area, almost everything is metered and those parking enforcement people don’t mess around. They will stand there watching your time run out just to give you a ticket. Plus, I don’t have to stress out every time I hear the street sweeper and frantically check in with myself about which street I parked on.

  • I’m late less often

A few times we’ve missed the bus, but there isn’t much you can do about it at that point, so the stress stops. In a car, you are in control, and there is this pending stress over the fact that every second you are late is all dependent upon you. For the most part, even if it takes us a long time, we travel by bus and show up on time everywhere now.

  • We are all less lazy

Between more biking and more walking, we have all taken more action in getting where we are going. I like this better than all the down time you really have while driving everywhere.

  • No car maintenance

I have bad luck with cars. I seriously have so much car trouble, it’s unreal. My whole side of the family is cursed for some reason. I love not having a car break down on me. I also love that I won’t feel so helpless in the future when we have a car again and it breaks down on me. No big deal, take the bus!

  • No gas stations

I like not having to figure out which one is on the way, and cheapest, and easy to get in and out of, etc.

  • No in and out of car seats during errands

Whew! Anyone with young kids knows how challenging this task can be.

  • Not having to worry when a car alarm goes off

Nope, not stealing our car.

  • Not having to be the one who drives everywhere

We put many, many miles on our cars because we were the ones who did/do all the driving. To see people, to be the driver of carpools, to travel places. Somehow, it was/is always us. This makes me feel less guilty when someone does give us a ride, but even without a car, we aren’t asking for many rides.

  • The experiences

Though my husband has had some adventures with us, the kids and I enjoy the bus more than he does and have had quite a bit more journeys than he has. We’ve learned our city, explored new places, met great people, seen fun things, and become very comfortable taking public transportation. These things wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t given up our car for a year.

I am thankful for this experience. The day will come that we get a car again, but for now, I really enjoy NOT having one.

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