High Quality Natural Products From Island Thyme


I’m always on the lookout for great products with natural ingredients to use on my body and in my home. I’ve tried so many that fall short on their performance that I have found myself losing hope at times, wondering if it is even possible to find natural products that actually work. Opening up the package I received from Island Thyme was a brilliant and beautiful presentation. I was immediately excited to try these items. The first time I tried them, I was sold. These products are beyond high quality. They are luxurious. They are small town handmade (just the way I like it). Best of all, they are free from chemicals and nasty ingredients.

Luxurious creams, salves, lotions, and aromatherapy handcrafted with love and free from chemicals and nasty ingredients.

Rose Rejuvenation Face Cream

While my main concern here is the actual product, I want to mention how great the jar is. I am a sucker for packaging done right, and this one hit the spot. The frosted glass jar speaks volumes for the indulgent cream inside. I struggle with facial skin that is always in battle with itself over whether it wants to be oily or dry. Most days, it’s both. What works for the oil, dries out the rest, and what works for the dryness leaves me a greasy mess. This cream has a gentle rose scent which does not irritate my sensitive nose. The texture is silky smooth and not at all heavy. The day after I applied it my skin was at peace. The battle was over. Dry become moisturized and oily became balanced. I’m so happy!

Blue Heat Analgesic Balm

As a massage therapist, finding the right muscle cream has been a journey on it’s own. I’m a fan of Tiger Balm for that deep cooling sensation that seems to help release the muscles a little better (and it certainly clears the sinuses). That being said, I was instantly in love with this product from Island Thyme. They offer a blue heat version, which I used, and a red heat version. I love that these are all natural, delivered the same great cooling deep muscle therapy I am looking for when I give a massage, and best of all, did NOT overwhelm my sinuses. I’ve never found anything to compare to Tiger Balm, until now.

Herbal Super Salve

A common staple in my beauty cupboard is pure shea butter for all dry skin issues. Sometimes I find it too thick for what I am using it for. However, I never like using it on my face. This Herbal Super Salve has a wonderful texture that is soft enough to apply anywhere, but thick enough to deliver the perfect amount of intense healing and moisture. I’ve used it on my hands, feet, legs, elbows, and even my face. When I am struggling with extra dry areas on my face, it fills in the missing moisture perfectly, without leaving me feeling greasy. It’s perfect for applying to my poor, dry feet and then putting on socks for the night and waking up to smoother feet.


I’m just incredibly impressed with these products and the quality of their packaging and shipping. The website is clean and peaceful, which I think sends the proper image about the products. 21 years in business makes the Island Thyme family well skilled in the art of small batch hand crafted aromatherapy apothecary.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive the above mentioned products free, to test for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Read full disclosure policy here.

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