In Case of Emergency Contact Tips – ICE


In a world where anything is possible, and anything can happen at any time, it is wise to take steps that will help protect you, or make things easier for those around. You will want to have a way for your loved ones to be contacted if there is any type of accident you are involved in, making you unable to alert paramedics, or more likely, the hospital staff of whom to call. ICE (in case of emergency) numbers do just that. There are a few details to keep in mind though.

Many e-mails have been circulated informing people to store their closest contacts in their cell with “ICE” in front of the name so that paramedics know who to call if you are hurt. This is in fact helpful information, making it far more simple to alert your family when something has happened to you. Realistically though, the paramedics are busy working fast to save your life and get you to the hospital. Once you have arrived at the hospital and your things have gotten to someone who can search them, that is the most probable time your ICE number will be contacted. The e-mails make it seem as if your ICE contact will be called while you are en route to the hospital. That is highly unlikely. 

With the growing popularity of this advice getting around either through e-mail or word of mouth, it is something the hospital (or any one trying to help) will look for. There are a few key tips to this trick that you may want to think about.

  • Tips you need to know about storing your emergency contacts in your phone.If you store ICE numbers in your phone, but have your phone locked with a password or secret swipe code, your people won’t be able to be reached. The person trying to find your contacts isn’t going to call a tech in to figure out how to unlock your phone so they can search it for numbers that may or may not be there. 
  • Phones can get lost and/or damaged during an accident, taking your ICE contacts with them. It is wise to store one or two ICE contacts in your phone, but also write them down and put them in your purse or wallet. Next to your identification would be the best spot.
  • It is possible you have heard of a couple of hoaxes connected to this ICE advice. One hoax says if you get a certain virus on your phone, it searches for ICE and then destroys your phone. Another states that a program can get on your phone that charges you premium rates if it finds ICE in your phone. These are simply hoaxes and are NOT true. However, if you still feel uneasy about storing these numbers in your phone, simply edit your important contacts to make sure “husband” or “mother” are in them. Hospital staff will go through the address book looking for ICE numbers to call and if they don’t find any then these titles will be dead give away about who they should contact. 

Please spread the word to those around you. This information makes contacting people in an emergency much easier so loved ones can be there as soon as possible in the event of an accident.


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