How to Scare People on Halloween


Halloween is more than just a holiday to my family. It is a season. The entire month of October is celebrated Halloween style, just as December is for Christmas. Every year, I look forward to the fun and spooky season. I also happen to be the type of person who loves to jump out at people to scare them. Our kids do not like this about me, nor my mother, but I’ve pretty much done it my whole life. Halloween makes it easier to scare people, with the mood already set, and the availability of people to scare. My best scares have definitely happened during the month of October. Here are a few ideas to help you get some good jumps out of your loved ones. Nothing gory or scary looking needed, so you won’t frighten young children.

How to be sneaky enough to make even the most aware person jump. Friendly good fun on Halloween. No need for anything scary or gross looking.

  • Method 1
hitchhiking ghost
Our son used this old man wizard mask the year he was a Hitchhiking Ghost from The Haunted Mansion

Best for scaring those you live with

If you don’t already have one, find a somewhat realistic looking mask of a person. My best scare was with an old man wizard mask, but any human mask should do. It doesn’t matter too much what you wear, but dark clothes are always better when sneaking about. Now find a LOT of patience. Great scares take time and sometimes long waits. If done right, it’s worth every second of still silence. Find a corner, go behind a door, sit in a dark room, or wait at the bottom of stairs. Typically, you won’t have to do anything but stand there. No jumping needed. It’s awesome to watch the process of your poor victim’s brain as they analyze what they are seeing and realize it’s not at all what they expected. Works fantastic on sisters!

  • Method 2

Best for scaring trick or treaters

Dress up like a scarecrow, or any other Halloween/Autumn themed character. Design a front yard that goes with your costume. Display yourself in your decorated yard. Watch for your unsuspecting victims as they approach looking for some sweet treats. Best chance of scares is by placing the candy bowl in front of you. Also very fun is to slowly creep out of position and follow your victims. Pause every time they turn around and see if they noticed that you moved.

  • Method 3

Best for scaring trick or treaters

Dress up like anything. Dress up a dummy of the same size as you to look EXACTLY like you. Sit your twin on a chair in your front yard and sit in a chair yourself, right next to your dummy. Everyone will be curious which one is real, and they will get scared when you jump out at them EVEN when they are expecting it.

  • Method 4

Best for anyone. All the time. This one is AWESOME!!

Use this one in place of any of the previous scares. Use this one any time of year. Use this one on anyone. Call this one your costume. You’re going to LOVE it!! Buy a black morphe suit. Wear a black morphe suit. You are now a shadow. Have fun!

Remember to be sensible when you are on your scare mission. Don’t scare young kids or elderly folks. If they look like they aren’t fully healthy, avoid accidents or mishaps by not scaring these people either. Use your best judgement. Remember to have fun, be friendly, and offer healthy options instead of processed, sugary candy.

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