How to Maximize Savings at Target


Target is a nationwide store that is known for their low prices. The company’s goal is to bring their customers great guest services, affordable prices, and high value, with a focus on giving back to the community. Every Sunday, Target publishes their weekly ad full of all the fantastic sale prices they are offering until the following Saturday. Here are some added ways to save money at the bullseye.

Important and often overlooked tips to help you save extra money while at Target


1. Menu Plan

As you skim the weekly ad, take note of what is on sale. Sit down and figure out a meal plan and shopping list for the upcoming week and try to incorporate as many sale items as you can. This will help keep your weekly costs down. Keep in mind that not everything on sale is featured in the ad, and you might find great deals in the store that are on temporary price cuts or even clearance (my favorite word!).

2.  Coupons

We all know coupons are the way to save money. Do you know how to maximize your coupon savings without becoming an extreme couponer? While the extreme savers are able to score some mighty awesome deals, many states do not allow the same type of savings anymore. If you’d like to add a couple tweaks to the way you use coupons, try these tips. Alongside your meal planning, clip manufacturer coupons from the Sunday paper and from online sources like Then head over to the coupon section and print out the coupons you can use. Remember, you can use one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon together on one item (see individual coupons for rules and restrictions).

3. Target Cartwheel App

Download this app to your phone and you will have a new best friend when you go shopping. This app features deals throughout the store, with a majority of the discounts being for the Target store brands. Pair these app deals with your manufacturer coupon, store coupon, and sale price and you will begin to feel like a savings rock-star. An extra benefit to the menu plan (and shopping list) is being able to load the Cartwheel deals to your app before you go shopping and prevent the awkward, “standing-in-the-way-no-matter-where-you-go-because-you-are-staring-at-your-phone-to-load-deals-while-everyone-else-gives-you-dirty-looks-for-texting-instead-of-shopping”.

4. Red Card

If you have ever been to Target, then you have likely been offered to sign up for their credit card to save an additional 5% on every purchase. What most employees fail to explain is that you don’t need to sign up for an actual credit card to score this 5% total purchase coupon. They also offer a Red Card debit card that links to your bank account. No debt, no bills, no interest, AND you can skip an ATM trip and get up to $40 cash when you use your Target debit card.


While this way of shopping isn’t for everyone, here is how I shop, and I have much success with it. I read the ad and search for all available coupons, then I head over to Target and do my “looking” trip. I scope out all the sales and leave without making any purchases (except Starbucks). I go home, menu plan based on the sales, print out the necessary coupons, load up my Cartwheel app, and go back the next day to make my purchases. Savings maximized!

All Things Target

Be sure to check out this wonderful blog All Things Target for weekly coupon match ups, Target updates and news, and all the information you need to locate the best deals at Target.


 This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, I may receive a small commission from Target which helps keeps this blog free to my readers. Thank you! Read full disclosure HERE

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