How Parents Can Find Time to Read


One of the greatest sacrifices a person makes when they become a parent, is how much time they spend reading each day. Getting sucked into a great book is a magical experience that wraps you up so tight the world around you can disappear for a brief period of time. When you become a parent, naturally, you will end up with less time for luxuries such as reading. You may have turned to self help books once you found out you would become a parent. What will happen during pregnancy, during childbirth, once you bring baby home, and how to be the best parent you can be. Once the baby is born, your reading material takes a new path. You will find yourself memorizing a multitude of board books, picture stories, Dr. Seuss, etc. As time goes on, between diaper changes, feedings, naps, and later constant snacking, scraped knees, and sibling rivalry, you will have to find ways to squeeze in reading time for yourself to maintain your sanity. That is, if you can even stay awake to read since you will likely be exhausted. Here are a few ideas for squeezing in reading time for yourself.

Here are some tips to squeeze in a few minutes here and there so you can actually read something that doesn't rhyme, every now and then.


When they are babies
Children up to one year, maybe even later, find peace just in hearing your voice. When you are putting your baby to sleep, spend some time reading to them. You will start them off with an appreciation of reading and a love of spending quality time with you before bed. Since they are so little at this point you are free to read whatever you want. As long as you read out loud, your baby will be happy and most likely doze off. In the meantime, you get to read a book YOU actually enjoy reading.


When they are Toddlers
Set your little explorers up with an awesome hands-on activity to get messy with, that type seems to hold their attention longer. Stay close by to monitor the amount of mess your child creates, but of course, you may put your book down a lot. Once they are set up playing, crack open your book (or Kindle) and begin stealing a few pages worth of your next interesting read.


When they are school age
It’ll be a bit easier for you to catch some reading time once your children go to sleep now. It may still be a challenge to stay awake while you read, but that is another story. When your child learns to read, you will find it becomes a possibility to schedule quiet story time. Include yourself in that time and you just scored more time to read your books.


When they are older
You can carry on step one, when they were babies, and have regular story time before bed. During that time, read a novel that is appropriate for their current age (going beyond their age may be acceptable as well, research the book first). You may find many great books to read in the young adult section, or even the novels in the kids department. Some of them are very entertaining. Authors know they need to really hook a young readers attention, so you find a lot of magical and descriptive books.


While you may never get to speed through books the way you used to, and staying up all night to finish the story will cause great pains the following day, you can still squeeze in some time here and there to make sure you are always able to read at least a few pages of a book that doesn’t rhyme or have more pictures than words.



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