Hot/Cold Shower Therapy


To detox the body is to help it eliminate the bad stuff, or toxins, that are both naturally occurring in the body and introduced to our body through the environment. There are a variety of reasons we would need to detoxify and just as many ways to do it. You may have tried a few already. This is just another option to add to your health routine to maximize your energy, uplift your mood, inspire your life, encourage your body systems, and improve your overall well being. Best of all, it’s so simple anyone can do it, and you already have the ingredients in your home.

Detox and improve circulation with at home hot cold hydrotherapy.


The idea is simple. You take a shower in heat and switch to cold in a set of three. It is said that doing this will stimulate your tissues to adapt to the changes in temperature, therefore increasing circulation, which is always beneficial to our bodies. Many athletes are familiar with this therapy as a way to recover from injured or over worked muscles. Personally, I feel the best effects when I do this after a good workout and I rarely end up sore the next day when I do it. It’s not really far fetched to think this therapy is actually doing what they claim. When you injure yourself, don’t you apply ice? When you have a tight muscle, don’t you apply heat? We do these things because temperature has proven to be effective in healing our bodies. This is just another take on that.

Here’s how to have a little healthy hydrotherapy fun.

  • Take your shower as usual, in warm to hot water. Wash up. Get clean. Think about life.
  • When you have finished, step out of the water if you can, and turn on only the cold tap. Your first time may be a bit rough, especially for those of you who really enjoy hot showers. For you, maybe leave a touch of hot on for the first cycle. Introduce your body to the cold shower gradually. First one leg, then the other. Follow that up with one arm, then the other. Once you have done that, introduce your entire backside. After a moment spent like that step out to step back in with your front side. (A word of advice: use your hands to cover sensitive areas. brrr.)
  • Good job! You survived the worst part. The first cold. Now reward yourself by turning the hot back on and enjoy a few moments standing in a shower as hot as you can stand it. (If you have already turned your water heater down to save money, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself.)
  • After you have achieved a nice comfortable, warm body again, it is time to switch back to cold again. This is your second round. Try to go in pure cold tap, still introducing one body part at a time. (If you find it challenging to step into icy water, take a deep breath in and step into the water as you let your breath out. This seems to trick your mind a little making it feel less intense.)
  • Now you get to reward yourself with the final round. Go back to hot once more and soothe your body. Then step back into icy water once more. The idea is to increase the length of time you stand under each temperature with each round, spending a bit more time with cold than hot. It does get easier to step into the cold with each cycle. (I’m not suggesting a length of time, in fact, over here in California we are in a drought and it isn’t wise to spend any extra water right now beyond what we actually need.) This process can be done in under 10 minutes including your regular shower time. You just have to be speedy.

I’ve done this for 5 years now, and it is still one of my most favorite ways to relax, rejuvenate, and recover. As I mentioned, it is fantastic after a workout. It also helps me feel better when I feel I am coming down with a cold. Sometimes I do this simply because I feel sluggish or in a rut and it improves my life tremendously.

You have nothing to lose, try it, it may work wonders for you and you will begin to include this in your regular health maintenance routine. Then go and tell others about this wonderful therapy!!

If you have any health concerns, have a serious injury, just had surgery, are pregnant, or are a child or elderly… please consult your doctor before you try any home treatment. Together you can confirm whether or not there is anything to be concerned about before you try this type of therapy.

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