Why You Should Drink Hot Lemon Water Every Morning


Everyday we are exposed to so many chemicals, inside our body, as well as outside. It’s hard to maintain a clean eating habit in a world so overrun with food additives and preservatives. Even if you are able to eat organic everything and avoid all chemicals in your home, you will be exposed to things that may prevent your optimal health. Natural things like stress, anxiety, emotions, and toxins are still part of our bodies and can create an imbalance inside of us that puts us at higher risk of getting sick.

The major benefits of drinking a cup of hot lemon water every morning. Plus, a few variations for added health benefits.

Regular detoxification should be an important part of your health routine at home. Whether it is a detox bath, an herbal supplement, a juice cleanse, or a sauna. Hopefully, it is a balanced combination of all these. However, staying on top of your health also requires maintenance. Doing this simple thing every morning will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while promoting a daily level of detoxification to start your day off right.

  • Every morning before you have breakfast, before you start your day, before the crazy begins, take a few moments to allow yourself to fully awaken. Do some simple meditations to get your mind in the proper state to handle your day ahead. Do these things while sipping on some hot lemon water. Then begin your day.


Why should you drink hot lemon water every morning?

Lemons are known to be an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps repair damage in the body on a cellular level, as well as improve the functions of your immune system. Lemon juice is used in many detox drinks because of it’s fantastic ability to flush your system of toxins in the digestive system. Having a clean digestive system is one of the best ways to maintain your health. It is what receives and processes everything you consume, so you want it to be performing at it’s very best. Lemons also have a lot of antioxidants, to help fight free radicals, and are wonderful for cleansing your kidneys.

Ancient Ayurvedic medicine proves that drinking your water warm or hot, rather than cold, allows it to work better with your body instead of against it. Just as hot and cold effects the outside of your body, it will do the same inside your body. Plus, the inside of our bodies ARE warm, doesn’t it make sense to keep them warm?

To add some variety to your drink in the morning and enhance the healing properties, brew some green tea instead of water, or add a teaspoon of honey. Both are well known for their natural abilities to help the body eliminate toxins and cleanse the system.

Try this for a week, and let me know how it goes.

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