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Not having a car can make it difficult to go grab some take-out. Having the option of food delivery is handy when you you are having the kind of day where you don’t want to cook or are a little too busy to make dinner. A lot of restaurants offer delivery, but how do you know what’s good? What’s around you? How do you find discounts? Grub Hub is your answer. Even without the #LALifeWithoutACar experience I like using the service, but it sure has come in handy since we gave up our car for a year.


What it's like to use GrubHub and why you should use the service too!


Grub Hub is simply a website (with an app) that brings together all the local restaurants that offer delivery and puts them in one conveniently located place. Once you have entered your address, you can sort the restaurants by type, location, or price. You can even designate certain criteria for your food so you can find the best and healthiest option for your family. Look for places that offer organic, healthy, fresh fruits, smoothies and juices, or a kids menu, among many other options.

There are two really cool features about using this service. One is that you can use coupon codes and earn money off your next order that you otherwise wouldn’t if you just called the restaurant you were interested in. Two, you can see what’s popular with others who eat there and read the reviews of previous customers. Learn things you wouldn’t know if you just called in.

It’s very easy to order online, or on your phone, and soon you will have delicious food delivered to your home (or where ever) Plus, they offer an added green option to forego the napkins and plastic utensils. Awesome.

Sign up here and save $7 off your first order.


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Read full disclosure policy here.

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