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Every Holiday, I cringe at all the candy and artificial “food” items loving friends and family so generously give to our children. Living this natural lifestyle is hard when it comes to other people offering anything edible to the kids. Others don’t understand why I limit so many things. As much as I try to educate about the things we do and do not put into our bodies, sometimes it’s a matter of battling decades of mis-information from the food industry. Until I can persuade everyone else to realize what nasty ingredients are in so many commercial products, and why they should NOT be in our bodies, I like to be ready with my own alternatives.

Gluten free, natural, organic candy made from pure ingredients. Nothing processed, refined, or otherwise icky! GoOrganic Hard Candies and Fruit Chews are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth, curb a sugar craving, calm a cough, sooth a sore throat, and keep the kids happy when they want to enjoy a treat!

Natural candy made of pure, organic ingredients is becoming more readily available. I was super thrilled to try out these gluten free candies from GoOrganic. The kids liked them, and I was satisfied with the simple and real ingredients. The candies come in a good variety of flavors, so there should be something for everyone.


Blood Orange – The first one I tried, assuming I couldn’t go wrong with this flavor. I was right. It tasted like biting into a sweet blood orange. I would drink this.

Pomegranate – By far my fave. Sweet and tangy. They are all absolutely delicious, but if I had to pick a fave, this would be it. I’ve always loved pomegranate. Plus, one candy piece is only 15 calories, so I can satisfy a sweet craving without much guilt.

Apple – This one made me float through memories of Christmas, Autumn, elementary school lunches, and a natural version of a jolly rancher. All good things. These are WAY better than Jolly Ranchers.

Honey – If you solidified the honey sticks you buy at the farmer’s market, that’s what this candy tastes like. Honey. Pure honey. Because it’s made of HONEY and real sugar. Amazing!

Honey Lemon – At first, due to the lemon, I was reminded of lemon fresh cleaner. Not in a nasty chemical way, just the mere fact that I myself have used lemon oil or lemon scented products to clean. After the initial memory faded, it’s very tasty. A nice change from the plain honey. I’m in love with the fact that all these flavors are so natural and spot on.

Iced Mint Mango – A nice refreshing flavor that pretty much tastes like it sounds. Like mango flavored iced tea. I’d like a drink that tastes like this candy. Not too sweet.

Cherry – I saved this one for last, because I hate cherry! I wanted to be ready to spit it out and promptly replace it with one of the delicious flavors I had already tried. The time came to put cherry to the test and you know what? I totally loved it! It has such a subtle cherry flavor that I didn’t at all feel like I was sucking on a cough drop or cough syrup. It had a tangy flavor, like the pomegranate, and after sucking on it a while I forgot I still had CHERRY in my mouth. I would be happy to buy a bag of this one and enjoy again. Amazing what pure ingredients can do!

Ginger – Yep, these taste just like ginger. Fresh ginger just pulled out of the Earth. You shouldn’t eat them, if you don’t like ginger. However, ginger is great for tummy trouble, and these actually have ginger oil.

Ginger Xtreme – They are in fact stronger than the plain ginger ones. Made my tongue tingle and alerted my senses. I couldn’t eat the whole thing. I’m a wimp. The regular ginger flavor is like smelling fresh ginger as you cut it. These extreme ginger candies are what happens when you lick said raw ginger. Then I read the ingredients: ginger powder, ginger oil, AND cayenne powder. That explains it.

Ginger Chews – I want to like these. The sugar cane juice in them is so good… but I tried them right after the other two ginger flavors to get the ginger phase over with. I’m gingered out. Of the three, I’d go with the plain ginger hard candies for my dose of ginger oil

Chocolate Ginger Chews – I wasn’t sure how one could combine chocolate and ginger successfully. Now, I know. These taste like a ginger Tootsie Roll. What a great way to combine the two flavors. Ginger is good, but can be intense for many. These chews make the ginger experience enjoyable. I really liked the chocolate ginger chews.

Fruit Chews – I’m not into chews, but these flavors were great. Lemon, raspberry, strawberry, and apple. I like raspberry best. The kids gobbled these up! I think it’s safe to say they liked them.

Fruit Medley Fruit Snacks – I really can’t stand gummy anything, but I was honest for my review and I tried everything thoroughly. The flavor was great, and the texture was good for a gummy. These did not convert me. I still can’t stand gummy anything. However, if You like gummies, I think you’ll like these. Good for the kids as well.


Find more information about these great candies here.

If you’d like to try these delicious candies out, they are available here. Also, check your local health food store.


Even better… get 3 packs of GoOrganic 3.5 oz candy FREE!! Win a bag each of flavors: Cherry (hard candy), Apple (hard candy), and Fruit Chews.

Just leave a comment below telling me what you think your favorite flavor would be and why you want to try GoOrganic Candy.

Winner will be selected March 25th, 2016.


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Disclosure: I did receive samples of these candies for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, I may receive a small commission from Amazon which helps keeps this blog free to my readers. Thank you! Read full disclosure HERE



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  • Rona Allen 2 years ago

    I love all things ginger so my vote would be for the Ginger ones. My husband and I have radically changed our way of eating 3 months ago, and have slowly started bringing our 6 children into it (it’s like trying to turn a ship around! Slow and steady is the name of the game for me!). I have been looking for alternative sweet treat items for us all, and especially with Easter coming up. I stumbled on your blog and this is the first time I heard of GoOrganic Candy. Thanks for posting about them!

    • Tiffany Banuelos 2 years ago

      That’s great to hear Rona! Welcome to my blog and congrats on the changes you are making. Best bit of advice I have is to read all those labels and Google everything you don’t know. Don’t just avoid ingredients… KNOW why you are avoiding them.

  • Kidton 2 years ago

    My kids fav is Pomegranate, and also like fruit chews.

  • Kelly D 2 years ago

    I would like the Ginger Chews and I would like to try this candy because it is healthy for me.

  • Chelsey L 2 years ago

    I think that the Ginger Chews would be my favorite! I want to try it because we are trying to eat more healthy foods and sweets is my biggest fallback!

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