Choosing the Right #GlutenFree Tortillas


It’s getting so much easier to find gluten free products these days. What once was a specialty to be found only at health food stores, is now easily purchased at your local grocery store, Wal-Mart, and Target. However, it’s still important to keep reading your labels to be certain you are not buying into the gimmick some companies think they can use to fool us.


Read your labels carefully when you think you are a getting a healthy product based on what the package claims on the front. While you might find a gluten-free alternative, it may be loaded with GMO's. If that happens, what can you do?


  • The famous company, Mission, makes tortillas and tortilla chips, among other products. It would be wise of them to jump on the band wagon and begin to market their flour tortillas in a gluten free option. As the health conscious consumer, we need to be clear about what that means before we bring this product into our home to eat. While the company was able to create gluten free flour tortillas, they didn’t seem to be able to accomplish this task without using GMO’s, which they are known for using regularly. (Click here to see the less than ideal ingredients in this product.)
  • Mission brand does make organic gluten-free corn tortillas with simple and natural ingredients that are pretty tasty for tacos and excellent for my black bean quesadillas. However, corn is a questionable, predominately GMO ingredient in this country. Use your own discretion here.



How then, can we get gluten free tortillas without GMO ingredients?


  • A delicious way is to make them fresh with your own gluten free flour. It’s still hard to achieve the same pliability with a gluten-free tortilla, but these are sure to be delicious when made fresh. I like Namaste brand flour (found at Sprouts) and I make my tortillas with coconut oil. Yum!


  • Another gluten free alternative tortilla may require that special trip to the health food store depending on where you live. La Tortilla Factory makes an ivory teff wheat-free, gluten-free tortilla option that works great in a wrap. These are not organic and do contain soy lecithin, which makes them less than perfect, but still a decent choice. Soy lecithin is a problem if you have a soy allergy, but it is also questionable because most of the soybeans in North America are in fact genetically modified. Therefore, the lecithin is a by product of GMO’s. Which sucks, because soy lecithin is in a whole lot of foods.
  • Trader Joe’s sells a brown rice tortilla which happens to be completely delicious and a great alternative to the traditional flour tortilla. These require a little extra prep work before you consume, but the end result is tasty and gluten-free! Follow the directions on the package when using them in a wrap and know that they are prone to breaking apart where they bend. The best way to consume these tortillas are by baking them into delicious chips.
  • At Ralph’s I’ve found some multigrain gluten-free tortillas called BFree. The multigrains consist of teff, quinoa, white rice, brown rice, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat. There is corn starch and corn flour in these tortillas, so as mentioned above, use your in discretion in regards to GMO corn being the prominent crop in the US. However, this company is based out of Dublin, Ireland. I’m not sure if they sell their other tortillas in the USA, but as you can see on their products page, they also offer a sweet potato and a chia seed tortilla option.
  • Finally, we have Udi’s brand, frozen gluten-free tortillas. Yes, they are gluten-free, but one of the top ingredients is modified food starch. These tortillas are like the Mission gluten-free option, they have questionable ingredients. Udi’s is now owned by Smart Balance, and while their main products seem to be fairly decent, there still isn’t an emphasis on keeping GMO’s out of the party.


There are many others options in stores across the country. Just keep reading your labels and educating yourself on the ingredients you see listed.

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