Green Holiday Gift Guide | Digital Edition


The Holiday season is approaching, which means you’ll most likely need to begin thinking about the gift giving season, if you haven’t already. It can be hard to successfully achieve a green gift giving experience. There are so many options available to us. So many ideas that make us think of our loved ones. So many things we may want to buy for those we care about. All in a time when many of us are not only eco conscious, but learning to live with less material items in general. Hopefully this gift guide will help you give from the heart, with some extra green effort thrown in, and encourage a sense of happiness with your choices in gift options.

This week features 8 digital gifts to give to your loved ones to encourage family time, educational growth, and creativity. None of it ends up in a landfill in the end either.

This week features 8 digital gifts to give to your loved ones to encourage family time, educational growth, and creativity. None of it ends up in a landfill in the end either. These are great things to suggest to other family members when they ask what the kids want as gifts. If you have trouble with certain family members insisting the kids get “things” to open, suggest they go out of their way to wrap it up in a surprising way so that unwrapping part is still an excitement. (Ex. box in a box in a box)

For the Younger Kids

  • ABC Mouse membership – Wonderful learning platform for kids up to 1st grade. Fun and interactive games and activities help them learn throughout all subjects. Catchy songs help with memorization. Full parent portal lets you keep track of everything they are doing on the site, where they spend the most time, and how you can customize the entire experience.
  • Animal Jam membership – A full interactive gaming platform for elementary aged children created by National Geographic. Kids can safely communicate with each other, they can create their own characters to their liking, and parents get their own account to monitor. The site will also give them lots of animal facts and education while they play.

For the Older Kids

  • Video Game System Download Cards – Pretty much a gift card that allows them to download their desired video games straight to their system, saving space and waste.
  • Local Classes – Sign the kids up to a local class that will teach them something valuable, or enhance their creativity.

For the Adults

      • Gym Membership – Help them achieve their New Year’s resolution.
      • Kindle Gift Cards (or actual digital books if you know what they like) – In the Amazon Kindle bookstore, anyone can find something they like. Even if they don’t have a Kindle, they can get the free reading app on pretty much any device. But if they don’t have a Kindle, scrap this week’s gift guide and buy them one!
      • Netflix Membership – Family movie night, gifted.
      • Amazon Prime Membership – Free shipping for a year is worth it. You also get music, book, and TV deals and offerings. Many free things are offered. If you know anyone who doesn’t have Prime…. they need this. Of course, they may also be the person who doesn’t have a Kindle yet. Amazon the heck out of that person.


Hopefully you’ve gotten a couple people on your list taken care of now, if not all. Good luck! Keep up the green gifts!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using these links, I may receive a small commission from Amazon which helps keeps this blog free to my readers. Thank you! Read full disclosure HERE

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