Easy Way to Store Kids’ Artwork


With Pinterest and magazines and inspiration galore, there are tons of ideas all around to encourage us to help our little ones create art. It’s adorable and thrilling to see our tiny artists create their own masterpieces. When all is said and done though, what do we do with the abundance of crafts and art projects that accumulate through the different stages of your child’s life? For those who aren’t too attached to the specific artwork, a clever way to save all the art your children make is with digital photos, in a file, on your computer. I do suggest everyone does this just to have another copy of the art in case anything is destroyed or misplaced. If you find yourself attached to the dimensional art, or feel a picture just doesn’t do it any justice, then try this incredibly easy way to keep all the creations together and organized by year or grade for each child.


Easy personalized way to store your child's artwork. | Organize my year or grade


Supplies Needed

  • duct tape
  • large poster board
  • various art tools


Step One

  • Fold the poster board in half vertically to create a pocket


Step Two

  • Apply duct tape to both open sides of the folded poster board. Leave the top open.


StepĀ  Three

  • Write your child’s name and or grade on the new folder. Now you and the kids can decorate it any way you desire.





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