Disclosure Policy

I do accept compensation to help cover the costs of running this blog. I will not accept compensation to write about products or services I do not believe to be beneficial to a green, healthy family.

I started Organic Parenthood in 2009 with the intention of sharing true stories about my parenting adventures. The “organic” simply meant that I wasn’t planning to edit out the parts most people don’t like to talk about. As my blog grew and evolved it naturally began to take a path that mirrored my natural and chemical free, green lifestyle. Most people assumed that’s where the “organic” came from and I went with it. Now I spend time writing about all the things that are important to me on a daily basis as I raise my kids in a materialistic, often harmful, and far too disposable world. I desire to inspire others to create, read labels, eliminate toxins, eat healthy, and become closer to nature.


  • Endorsements

Anytime you see me talking about something I love (whether it is a product, a food, a location, or some type of entertainment) what I say about it will be my own opinion based on my direct experience with it. I’m not interested in being paid to endorse something I have never tried, though I am always willing to try new things. I will not accept payment to endorse anything I have never tried and do not truly believe is good. If I choose to rave about a product or service across any social media, my blog, or in person, it will be of my own free will and in my own words because I honestly am in love with what I am talking about. Example: I talk about Disney all the time, I relate it to everything, every room in my home has a hidden mickey and I haven’t done a single ounce of this Disney loving for any payment, ever. I just have a mad obsession with the fun and wonderful experience I get from everything Disney related. So much so my children groan, “We’re going to Disneyland AGAIN?”.

  • Product Reviews

Almost everything I choose to review on this blog has been purchased by myself. In the case of books, many are rented from the library. I like to try new products often, so I go searching and grab ones I think I will like. I am willing to accept samples of products if you think I will enjoy using something you have to offer, but I will not accept payment to write a good review for you even if I don’t like the product. I will only write a review in my own honest opinion. I will state how I acquired each product or service in each review.

  • Receiving Freebies

If you have a fantastic product or service that you feel fits into the overall scheme of my blog then I am willing to try it out. I will only give a review of what you have to offer after I have used it for a sensible amount of time and I will give my completely honest opinion. Anything sent must be related to being green, natural, eco-friendly, organic, healthy, gardening, energy saving, money saving, natural crafting, healthy parenting, chemical free cleaning, and books. That covers a lot, so your chances are high that I will give what you have to offer a chance. Please don’t even attempt to contact me with any products that have excessive packaging or creates a lot of waste, anything full of chemicals or artificial scents, anything religious or political, or anything requiring me to jump through hoops to get to. Some items sent to me may be used in giveaways, others may be donated.

  • Affiliate Companies

Affiliate links are special links I have added when linking to a purchase page on one of my affiliate sites that sends my special code along with your purchase and in turn the company pays me a small referral fee for sending you there. Anything you buy at my affiliate sites through these links may earn me a small commission on your purchase. These commissions help me with the costs of running the blog so I can keep creating free content for you to enjoy.


I cannot be held responsible for any content from this site that is re-published without my permission.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at LoveSunshineX@aol.com