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CicLAvia Culver Meets Venice in West Los Angeles this past weekend was a blast! A 6 mile stretch, from Downtown Culver City to Venice Beach, was completely cleared of all cars for a little over 8 hours. We live right in the middle of the route they chose, and given our adventure of living without a car for a year, it was a much anticipated event in our household. We had never been to one of their events before, and this one came straight to our front door, so we had to go out and participate in the fun and excitement. It was a highly unique experience.

CicLAvia is a rotating bicycle event held in Los Angeles. It is a fun experience drawing in people from all over the county to cruise the car-less streets for around 8 hours on their bike, skateboard, scooter, or walking. A safe way to remind people that getting out on their bike is good for them and the environment.

The route was shut down quite early, and with that came all the early birds on their bicycles first thing in the morning. Throughout the course of the day we got the opportunity to watch a constant flow of families and individuals (some in costume, many on unique foot powered vehicles) travel down these ordinarily busy streets with the freedom of not having to maneuver around cars. It was quite a sight and quite a feeling as we ventured out on our own bicycles to safely explore the neighborhood we usually walk around in. When we weren’t riding, we offered free lemonade (<– recipe) and sunscreen to the riders. Countless people were talking with us, as they stopped for refreshments, about how they should do it regularly or even create larger sections of safe bicycle lanes to make life while riding easier and safer for those who chose to leave the car at home (or don’t have one at all).

Would this ever be a reality? Can you imagine the streets flowing with people on their bicycles instead of honking at each other from behind the wheel of their vehicles? I know I’d love to see it happen in my lifetime. The fact that this event is becoming more popular each time the organization plans a route, gives a bit of hope to the future of riding your bike in L.A. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go. Since going without a car I have heard many drivers (including bus drivers) mention how they “hate bikes”. They say they get in their way. This causes me to think of what lies on the more negative side of it all. Will the selfish people of L.A., who think the world should stop for them, ever allow it to be possible to get extended, safer bike lanes for all those who are making the healthier choice to ride their bicycle instead of drive? Healthier on the body, the planet, and the wallet. People hardly want to wait 10 seconds to allow people to finish crossing the street on foot.

It is absolutely inevitable that one of these days humans are going to be forced to go back to nature or go extinct. The beautiful thing is that so many people have invented a multitude of products to help us all live a green, yet modern lifestyle. Chemical free, low emissions, pure ingredients, sustainable and renewable resources. It’s all there, and we can do this. I hope CicLAvia is one of the events that has a major impact in creating awareness to these now called “alternative” ways of life. Maybe we will soon become a city of cycles. Here’s hoping.


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