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Christmas All Year With Monthly Letters From Santa


Every holiday season seems to go the same way. We start out excited about pulling out the decorations, setting up the advent calendar, welcoming the elves back, and planning all the festivities for the month of December. I get excited to finish the Christmas shopping early so I can enjoy a more peaceful season than the previous year (which never happens). In the meantime, the kids are getting excited to write out a gift list for Santa with the hopes that they’ve made it onto the nice list this year. While the Holiday season can be incredibly busy, and even exhausting toward the end, seeing children’s faces light up after a visit from Santa is one of the most magical moments of the year. It truly makes up for the holiday craze that precedes it. Finding a way to spread some of that magic throughout the year is a special Continue reading

Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator Review #NeilMed #MomsMeet


I’ve been in the “natural world” for many years now. During this time, I’ve been surrounded by the types of products those who live a clean, more natural, and healthier lifestyle tend to use. Even though I am familiar with most of the natural health products out there, there are still many I need to try. Now, I can cross one more natural healing remedy off my list. The neti-pot. I can officially say I have tried the neti-pot for optimal nasal health and cleanliness. Thanks to GreenMomsMeet, I was introduced to Neil-Med, and I had the chance to try their nasal rinse and infant aspirator in addition to the neti-pot. I was impressed with all of these products. Here Continue reading

Fun Math App for Elementary Age Kids


While I write mainly about natural health, eco-friendly living, and all things green, I like to put a special focus on technology as well. Technology is green in it’s own way. When using our phones, tablets, and computers for educational purposes, we are saving materials by not using paper filled books. This is the same reason Monday Storytime features are typically found in the Kindle store (or at the library). Basically, education is an essential part of our lives, but it doesn’t have to create waste. Unless you are living a completely off the grid, as close as modernly possible to a nature based lifestyle, chances are you have technology all around your home. If you have Continue reading

Win Some Natural #GoOrganic Candy!


Every Holiday, I cringe at all the candy and artificial “food” items loving friends and family so generously give to our children. Living this natural lifestyle is hard when it comes to other people offering anything edible to the kids. Others don’t understand why I limit so many things. As much as I try to educate about the things we do and do not put into our bodies, sometimes it’s a matter of battling decades of mis-information from the food industry. Until I can persuade everyone else to realize what nasty ingredients are in so many commercial products, and why they should NOT be in our bodies, I like to be ready with my own alternatives. Continue reading

Making Math Fun with the #ZapZapMath App


Math can get stressful for kids. Adults, too! Numbers, numbers, numbers. Always doing different things. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing….  it’s no wonder kids get overwhelmed. Math is very fascinating once you get the hang of it. It helps you figure out so many other things in life, like puzzles and games. It’s obviously an important skill to practice, but what about when the kids just aren’t getting it? Or when they get so overwhelmed with all the school work that it inhibits their learning or ability to retain information? Keeping school fun is an excellent way to keep the kids excited about learning. Turning the subjects they struggle with into games is one of the best ways to keep things fun for them.  Continue reading

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