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Coolest Bamboo Tooth Care, ever! WooBamboo!


Honestly, I didn’t even know what I was missing until I tried these products. Bamboo happens to be something I have a special connection with. No real reason, I just love everything about it. I got to try out silk floss and bamboo handled toothbrushes from the awesome company WooBamboo and I was very pleased. Both of my children were thrilled with their new toothbrushes as well, and we discovered¬† they paired very well with my whitening charcoal tooth powder. I’ve included that recipe below if you’d like to give it a shot. Continue reading

Math Games Make Learning Fun


As a homeschooling family, we are able to be highly involved in our children’s learning experiences, which allows us the opportunity to know where we need to apply a little more focus in curriculum. Recently, we’ve spent a lot of time studying math facts. I’ve been working with my 4th grader to memorize the multiplication tables and with my 1st grader to memorize all the basic addition and subtraction facts. Sometimes (OK, most of the time), memorizing math is anything but fun. Thanks to, learning math can be a little more fun for kids, whether they are in home-school or traditional.

Continue reading

Caveman Coffee & MCT Oil


Caveman Coffee offers high quality, fair-trade, sustainably sourced, small batch, single origin, roasted, whole bean coffee (catch all that?), among other great products. I was able to try their light, medium and dark roast coffee blends, as well as their own label MCT coconut oil. With a whole variety of coffee blends, nitro cold brews, whole leaf teas, and k-cup pods, there is a product for everyone at Caveman Coffee. Here is my take on the paleo themed hip local coffee roasters. Continue reading

Bamboo Paper Products for the Eco-Conscious #earthfriendly


Bamboo is like soy. You can make almost anything out of it, and also eat it. What is interesting about the bamboo plant is how fast it can grow. I knew of the fast growing, sustainable properties of this versatile plant, but apparently some varieties can grow 3 whole feet in just one day! It’s logical to make household paper products out of something that grows beyond significantly faster than the trees we are used to using. Most households go through so much toilet paper, tissue, wipes, etc. in a year that it’s no wonder the forests are being cut down faster than we can replace them. Bamboo may be the key to solving this increasing devastation. Continue reading

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Monday Storytime | The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


Happy New Year!

This is an exciting new beginning as we start a brand new calendar year. It’s always an excellent time to create some resolutions to help us improve our lives. I have a couple resolutions myself this year. The first is to eat out less. Being super busy, and often overwhelmed with all my responsibilities as a stay at home/work from home/home schooling mom, I find it way too easy to say, “Let’s just go out!” No thinking, planning, shopping, or cleaning makes it SO MUCH BETTER! But the cost and the calories really add up. The key to this, is having Continue reading

Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Products from #Aurorae


There is no other practice like yoga. It is a full body workout that blends together aspects of the mind, the body, and the soul, to bring us peace and relaxation. It’s also a fantastic way to build balance and strength throughout the body. One of the bigger things that sets yoga apart from other types of exercises is how it teaches you to breathe properly. Most humans do not breathe the proper way, so we end up inhibiting our body’s natural ability to release stress and maintain clear focus. Since yoga has been popular for many years now (on top of the fact it has ancient roots), more people have welcomed it into their lives, thereby increasing their breathing focus, meditation skills, and flexibility. Continue reading

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