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Healthy Halloween Snacks


Halloween is a fun time for kids. They get a chance to dress up as their favorite character, maybe even apply some special make-up, and go around the neighborhood saying, “Trick or treat!”.  The thing is, pretty much everyone gives a treat, rather than a trick. If you’re like me, watching your children consume the processed, sugary treats Continue reading

National Pancake Day


Isn’t there a national day for just about everything these days!? Sometimes it’s a great day to participate (like last week’s “National Talk Like a Pirate Day”) and sometimes it’s not so much. Tomorrow, one of I’m sure many other options, is National Pancake Day! That’s a good day to participate in, don’t you think? I’d like to share my go to pancake recipe with you all in honor of the celebrated event. Hopefully, it will be a fresh new idea for your family breakfast. Continue reading

Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite treats to enjoy when I’m craving something sweet. I’ve worked for years to perfect a recipe that is simple, quick, and uses minimal pure ingredients. While I, and my family, really enjoy the recipe I now use, I thought I would try switching it up a bit and adding healthy ingredients to the mix so I can actually feel good about indulging. I made a batch and they were a hit! The kids are still begging for them, despite the good stuff packed into these cookies, which makes me feel better than just letting them eat regular cookies. In fact, I almost want to make sure they eat these daily! Try a batch and see if you like them too. Continue reading

CicLAvia Lemonade Recipe


Next Sunday there will be a special event on the Westside of Los Angeles. CicLAvia, presented by Metro, is closing down a 6 mile stretch from Culver City through Venice Beach and NO CARS ARE ALLOWED!! Check out the website for all the details if you are interested in learning more. I’ll be there during the event giving out FREE lemonade and sunscreen. If you would like to make this lemonade at home, here is my recipe. Continue reading

Coconut Oil Tortillas


If you’ve ever had the chance to eat a handmade tortilla, you have had a little piece of heaven. If you haven’t, here is your opportunity. All those packaged tortillas have nothing on ones handmade from scratch. Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their own. Use them for taco night, a wrap for lunch, or just a mind blowing, simple, amazing snack. These are made with coconut oil and hold a subtle flavor making them an almost buttery, mouth watering treat. They pack more health benefits too compared to those made with other less healthy oils. Continue reading

Secret Ingredient Biscuits from Scratch


I’ve tried so many biscuit recipes. Ones that claim to mimic recipes from famous restaurants, ones that are supposed to be easy and delicious, ones that are supposed to be the best ever in the whole entire world! I couldn’t find what I was looking for, though. I kept at it, and I altered a few things, then I finally created my own version of the many I had tried. I added a secret ingredient, and I found success. Everyone who tries these biscuits are in love. Even if they don’t typically like the secret ingredient. I’m sharing my secret with you now. Continue reading

Marshmallow Rainbow Wands


What do you get when you combine sugary cereal, marshmallows, and a magical wand? A child’s dream! I was inspired to create these wands for my daughter’s rainbow themed 4th birthday party. She loves all things girly and princess related. She also happens to love marshmallows and all things sugary. In the past we have done the fruit loops on a string necklace and we have created fruit loop rainbows for St. Patrick’ Day. This time we had fun preparing some edible toys for the guests at her party. Super easy to make and my kids enjoyed participating with the prep work for the party. Continue reading

Simple Delicious Chicken Bake


This chicken bake is simple to make and adds a nice amount of flavor to spice things up if your family tends to eat a lot of chicken. Personally, I am always looking for easy recipes to make so that my kids can help participate in the cooking and this one is a good one for teamwork, (since I won’t let them handle the frying part of the recipe, yet). This recipe feeds a large family with 6 or more servings depending on how much everyone eats. Continue reading

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