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Depression Can Be Hidden


There is a reason why so many people don’t know when someone around them is depressed. Maybe even depressed enough to harm themselves. The lonely person has to put on a happy face and act like everything is OK, just to get through the day. The problem is, they are so far from OK. They are hurting, they are in pain, they feel alone. Continue reading

Why You Should Subscribe to #preschool


You’ve seen it everywhere haven’t you? Commercials, libraries, the mall, all over the internet. A picture of an animated teacher, mouse, or classroom (like the one over there <— in the side bar). If you haven’t heard yet, is a pretty awesome website to sign up to for your preschool through 2nd grader. It’s now for ages 2-8 as they just added their 2nd grade level last month. I had both of my children signed up during Continue reading

Babyproofing Tips


Having a baby around is having to constantly be aware of all the things they can get into. You even have to think about all the things you wouldn’t imagine they could find or reach. There are so many simple things that can become dangerous in a moment, but we have to maintain a calm approach as well so we don’t over react about every spot in the home. You certainly don’t need to pad your walls and furniture, but sometimes there are a few simple tips we might over look. As the holidays are approaching, you may have an additional baby or two in the house, making these tips Continue reading

Baby Wearing Options


Wrapping your baby on your body so you can keep them close and go hands free is certainly not a new practice. It’s ancient across multiple cultures, but we’ve seen a growing trend of mother’s ‘wearing’ their babies in recent years. I get very excited as we continue to see natural and more attached methods of child rearing emerge (or re-emerge). I don’t mean Continue reading

Early Language Learning with Kids’ Candor


I didn’t have the opportunity to learn a language when I was a child, so I feel very motivated to encourage my children to learn one. I had a blast teaching my son baby sign language when he was a toddler. As fun as that was, I had no idea how to approach the learning of a new language with my little boy. I know of Rosetta Stone, but it isn’t exactly intended for the young ones. I wish Kids’ Candor was an option for us at that influential time in his life, as well as my Daughter’s a few years later.
Continue reading

How to Scare People on Halloween


Halloween is more than just a holiday to my family. It is a season. The entire month of October is celebrated Halloween style, just as December is for Christmas. Every year, I look forward to the fun and spooky season. I also happen to be the type of person who loves to jump out at people to scare them. Our kids do not like this about me, nor my mother, but I’ve pretty much done it my whole life. Halloween makes it easier to scare people, with the mood already set, and the availability of people to scare. My best scares have definitely happened during the month of October. Here are a few ideas to help you get some good jumps out of your loved ones. Nothing gory or scary looking needed, so you won’t frighten young children. Continue reading

Be Nice to Each Other Jar


Having two or more children is fantastic, especially when they are old enough to occupy each other and enjoy the same games. However, everything must be in balance, so when you have multiple children there will be fighting, arguing, and disagreements. While this is normal behavior for any humans who spend too much time together, it becomes a problem when they begin to act mean towards each other. Continue reading

Anti-Electronics Activity Jar


Every day I feel like I hear these words at least once per hour; “Mama, can we watch TV?”, “Can I play Xbox?”, “Can I play on your Kindle, Mom?” I’ve tried limiting their video game time as much as I can while still letting them enjoy their games. We also utilize these printable electronics tickets the kids can earn to play their favorite games. It is fairly clear to me now that the constant stream of questions aren’t going to stop anytime soon, so I came up with another idea to help distract them from electronics. Inspired by the popular date in a jar, our family created the “Anti-Electronics Activity Jar” that gives the kids ideas on what to do with themselves when they aren’t allowed to play their video games. Continue reading

How Parents Can Find Time to Read


One of the greatest sacrifices a person makes when they become a parent, is how much time they spend reading each day. Getting sucked into a great book is a magical experience that wraps you up so tight the world around you can disappear for a brief period of time. When you become a parent, naturally, you will end up with less time for luxuries such as reading. You may have turned to self help books once you found out you would become a parent. What will happen during pregnancy, during childbirth, once you bring baby home, and how to be the best parent you can be. Once the baby is born, your reading material takes a new path. You will Continue reading

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