Body Brushing


A few of the same wonderful benefits of Swedish massage can be achieved by giving yourself a body brushing, or dry brushing treatment. Originating in India, this is a natural way to aid your body in its natural healing process to help eliminate toxins and improve the look of your skin. It’s a really simple and fairly quick treatment you can add to your daily grooming routine. You will be glad that you chose to take such great care of your largest and ever changing organ, your skin. These are the benefits of body brushing.


The benefits of body brushing and why you should do it before every shower


Improved Circulation

  • Just like a Swedish massage, rubbing the natural bristles of a carefully chosen brush on your skin in a circular motion, will help stimulate the skin and call blood to the surface, creating healthy circulation.


Aids Relaxation

  • You are basically giving yourself a massage with a brush, so you may find yourself getting relaxed. Beyond that, you are taking a much needed moment to care for yourself and your own well being, which is a very relaxing thing for a parent.


All Over Exfoliation

  • The act of brushing your skin will cause the dead skin cells to fall off, thereby making your skin more soft and healthy looking.


Possible Detoxing Effects

  • It is said that dry brushing will stimulate the lymphatic system to move the bad stuff out of your body and increase your ability to fight infection. I’m not a scientist and haven’t done studies on this myself. I can only say it does make me feel good to practice the body brushing.


How to do it

  1. get a natural bristle brush
  2. on dry skin, preferably before a shower, brush in small circles toward your heart
  3. go from feet, up legs, to torso
  4. go from hands, up arms, to torso
  5. then do torso, neck, and finally chest and back
  6. take a hot shower, or better yet, a Detox Shower
  7. follow up with a natural lotion


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